The Grammys Are Not What They Used to Be

The 2023 Grammys took place Feb. 5 and some fans believe the Grammys doesn’t hold as much significance as it used to.

The 2023 Grammys took place Feb. 5 and some fans believe the Grammys doesn’t hold as much significance as it used to.

Natalie McGarry, Editor-in-Chief

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The 2023 Grammy Award Ceremony was held on Feb. 5 and many viewers had opinions to share over the won awards.

The Gramophone Awards, more popularly known as the Grammys, has been held since 1959. In more recent years, fans and viewers have not agreed with the awards given to certain artists. The Grammys will not be an award show that dies out but viewers are starting to question if there is a true way to name a winner that everyone agrees on for these awards. 

In the 1950s, there were no awards to recognize musical achievement there were the Academy Awards, the Oscars, and the Emmy Awards to recognize the artists in film and television. The Grammys were created in 1959 because of the renewed interest in music and the recording industry and is an award ceremony held to recognize achievement in the music industry. The general awards given are “album of the year”, “song of the year”, “record of the year”, and “best new artist”. There are many other categories of awards handed out but those are the most popular. The first Grammy was presented in 1959, but the award ceremony and categories have grown because of the increase in music genres and artists since then. By 2017, the number of awards handed out at the ceremony stabilized at 84. 

Since the Grammys have lasted over 64 years, they have changed the way they do things and have modernized. Speculation about the power of winning the award has come up more recently since the backlash towards the artists and the award ceremony itself has grown. The backlash has risen over the years from many different genres of fans but the biggest has been from K-pop stans over the past 3 years. K-pop group BTS has been nominated for a grammy every year since 2021 but has been “snubbed” and won none of those awards since being nominated. Another case is during this year’s ceremony when artist Bonnie Raitt won “song of the year” over artists such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Lizzo with a song that had under 50,000 streams before it was named “song of the year”. Many viewers and fans feel as if their favorite artists have been “snubbed” in more recent years and the Grammys no longer fairly represent what the awards say it does. 

The Grammys were first made to recognize musical achievement in the industry but in more recent years, it’s been harder to truly have one song or album that defines that entire year that the viewers agree with. The award show has gone on for over 64 years and will continue to but it’s been harder picking a true winner that viewers agree with for each award. With so many new artists and genres, fans of every genre will be fighting for their own and never fully agree on one true winner. Whether the Grammys itself is even the best way to determine these titles and awards will always be fought over and questioned. One thing for sure is that even though people might disagree with the Grammys and their decisions, it will still be watched every year and fans will await to see which of their favorite artists has won another award.