A Recent Pension Decision Leads to Changes

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A Recent Pension Decision Leads to Changes

Lilly Whitley, on call editor

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Things are looking up for teachers’ pensions.

A recent decision was made regarding the proposed pension plan from last spring.

Some may know that the pension bill that was proposed caused a lot of conflicts. On Dec. 13, the Kentucky Supreme Court struck down the pension law. This has sparked mixed reviews as well as a curiosity on what will happen next.

The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled that the process of passing the bill was flawed by legislation. The bill was passed within hours of the lawmakers receiving it. This didn’t give lawmakers time to even read the bill. As a result, the Supreme Court ruled that the lack of time didn’t give lawmakers a “fair opportunity” to review the bill.

The way the bill was developed was flawed in itself. It was first presented as a sewage bill with the pension proposal slapped on the end. Teachers across the state were angered by this. As a result, some protested at the capitol in Frankfort instead of coming to school.

Many are waiting anxiously to see what comes of the now thrown out pension plan. A decision is expected to be made soon.

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