Fulghum Takes the Assistant Principal Position

Will Blanford, Staff Writer

He always believes he can take on any challenge.

Former social studies teacher Nate Fulghum, felt that he was ready for the next step in his career.

Fulghum felt that it was his time to step up, and as soon as the assistant principal job opened up, he took charge. “I feel like I’m in the point in my career where I can help other educators and I want to stay loyal to BE,” said Fulghum. 

It is never easy saying goodbyes, but Fulghum has learned this after his eight years of teaching. However, Fulghum moved out of the classroom and down the hallway from his students. “Even though I am still in the same building as my students I will miss the conversations we had as a class.”  With Fulghum leaving the classroom scene, he doesn’t plan on it being like this forever. In the future he plans on going into classes and helping teachers and giving advice.

Although Fulghum doesn’t know when he will start his new job, he is never shy to the competition, he is always ready to take on what’s next. He is anxious because it is a big jump from social studies teacher to assistant principal. “I will always be ready to attack every problem thrown at me, one of my main jobs is to handle discipline issues,” said Fulghum, “I will be fair to every student and follow the rules.”