The 2019 Prom Experience

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The 2019 Prom Experience

Jaiden Hammack, Staff Writer

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Prom is a night students are never going to forget.

Many unforgettable memories were made at prom for Bullitt East students.

Prom was an overall good experience in which students left the event feeling satisfied while having a few complaints. Seniors Zach Elam and Regan Hare won prom king and queen, while juniors Max Gauthier and Beth Woods won prom prince and princess. Students think prom can be improved next year by having better music and a bigger dance floor.

Prom 2019 was on Saturday, March 23 at the Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. Students were able to partake in activities such as taking photos, dancing and eating. “Prom was amazing. I danced with a lot of people and took a lot of pictures. It was fun to be with everyone,” said Elam.

Most students particularly enjoyed the social aspect of prom and the events leading up to the actual event. The anticipation of the event beforehand, in which most students went out to dinner with their friends or significant other, contributed much to the enthusiasm of it. “My favorite part about prom was getting to dress up and dance and laugh with my friends all night,” said senior Reagan Hardy.

The two complaints students had about prom was the music and dance floor size. “Prom this year was underwhelming honestly. I feel like there was a whole lot of table and not enough dance floor, the music wasn’t very good either there were almost no songs played so that was kind of a letdown,” said Hardy. To improve part of the prom’s shortcomings, students feel that more contemporary music should have been played.

Seniors had a stressful week leading up to prom due to upcoming due dates and other requirements and students think taking away some of that stress will make prom next year more enjoyable for upcoming seniors. “I think most seniors would agree if there wasn’t so much going on in the week leading up to prom, like senior projects, prom would’ve been much more enjoyable because we wouldn’t be so stressed and tired,” said Hardy.

This year students voted Elam and Hare for prom king and queen. “I was very surprised I ended up as king. I didn’t really know how the nominations worked so when I heard my name for the nominees my heart was racing. My mission was to get as many people as I could on my side and here we are,” said Elam.

Prom was, with the exception of a few complaints that are desired to be changed for next year, an enjoyable experience with many memories made. Students had a good time and think the few improvements will make next year’s prom even better.

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