AirPods are Listening in on the Trends of Today.

Haley Grether, Magazine Editor

The obsession with AirPods is now widespread.

Teens everywhere are sporting these cordless headphones made by Apple.

Some might say that paying nearly $200 for a pair of headphones is ridiculous, others may disagree. The Apple AirPods are like any other fad popular with the younger generation. Children and teens everywhere are asking their parents for AirPods, but the real question is, are they really worth the hype?

The company Apple has taken reign over the mobile phone industry, it seems like every other person owns an Apple product. In a poll taken on the Livewire Twitter account out of 148 votes, 92% of people either own or use some kind of Apple product whether it be an iPhone, iMac, AirPods, EarPods, etc. It is widely known that Apple products are expensive with their most expensive phones reaching over one thousand dollars. The company even sells other products of even greater value. Although some people might think that charging $199 for a pair of headphones is a bit of a stretch.

The new Apple AirPods are Bluetooth headphones that come with many desirable features like voice-activated Siri and a wireless headphone experience. These earbuds have become are all the rave among teens.

One inconvenience that comes along with these headphones is that they are required to be charged. This feature provides an inconvenience to those who use their headphones regularly for a long period of time. The previous Apple headphones called EarPods included lightning connector chords. Many people have complained about the chords in the past because they were always getting in the way. Although, with the chords, the listener was able to use their headphones without the fear of them losing charge and dying.

The Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector can be bought for $29 from the Apple website. Whereas, the AirPods can be bought from the Apple website with prices ranging $159-$199, depending on the charging case accompanying the headphones.

The pricing difference between the two is so drastic, even though many of their features overlap. If one were to buy six pairs of the Apple Earpods, it would only cost $174, while only one pair of AirPods can cost up to $199. One could buy a much larger quantity of headphones for virtually the same quality of listening experience.

Paying almost two hundred dollars for a pair of headphones is not a good investment. One can find headphones in stores for five dollars with similar sound quality. With this ratio, one could buy up to 40 five dollar pairs of headphones to match the value of one pair of AirPods. Many people may argue that AirPods are quality headphones that will last a long time. Although, one could buy six pairs of the Apple EarPods for virtually the same price as one pair of AirPods.

When paying for Apple AirPods, many people are paying for the brand, not the quality, or even quantity. Many people all over have jumped on the bandwagon of Apple products.  

In the end, however, you decide to spend your money is completely up to you, although it is important to make sure what your spending your money on is a sound investment.