Preparing For Final Exams

Ellie Poole, Staff Writer

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As the school year is coming to an end, final exams are just beginning.

Students are starting to prepare for their finals.

Starting next week, students will begin taking their final exams. Students have a variety of techniques they use to prepare for finals. Some study for hours and barely sleep, while others don’t feel the need to look at their study guide.

As finals are upon students, they begin to prepare for a very important three days. Students’ study habits all depend on their personal preference. Sophomore Aeron Adams has a variety of sources to help him prepare for his exams. “I use many ways to study for finals. Some of my top choices are Quizlet, Kahoot and study guides provided by my teachers,” said Adams.

These study methods have significantly helped Adams perform well on his past final exams. “For big tests like finals, I typically do well on them when I use the methods like the ones I mentioned because that is just what works best for me,” said Adams.

Most students would agree that finals can be a very stressful time. However, Adams has trust in his teachers that eases his nerves. “I don’t really get stressed out for finals. I know my teachers have prepared me well through reviews and ways to make us feel ready,” said Adams. He says some of the ways his teachers prepare him so well is going over the study guide in class and giving him plenty of resources to use to study.

Adams says his one piece of advice for preparing for finals is to study and don’t overthink about the material too much going into the test.

Junior Ryley Ortega is another student who feels most prepared when she studies for her finals. She prefers to take time for studying rather than doing it the night before. “I usually start studying for finals as soon as I get the study guide. I make Quizlets, go over notes from class and review the provided study guide. These strategies always lead me to doing well on my tests,” said Ortega.

Ortega typically gets stressed for finals, but preparing ahead of time helps take off some of the pressure. “I have high expectations for myself, so if I don’t have a lot of time to study and end up doing bad on the test I’d get very down on myself,” said Ortega.

However, this year was a much easier time for Ortega based on all of the AP classes she took. “This year is a lot less stressful. I took many AP tests so I don’t have to stress about taking a final for those classes,” said Ortega. This has allowed Ortega more time to focus and prepare for the classes that are giving out finals

Ortega’s advice to doing good on final exams is staying on top of class work all year long and working hard. “If you stay on top of it by studying for all of your test and not only the final, it really takes a lot of the pressure off and all of the extra work you did throughout the school year pays off,” said Ortega.

While Adams and Ortega are students who always study to prepare for finals, not everyone has the same methods. Sophomore Blake Faulkner never finds the time to study for finals. “I feel like I would be more prepared if I did study for finals, but I just don’t have time,” said Faulkner.

Although Faulkner doesn’t study for finals, it doesn’t stress him out too much. “Finals don’t stress me too much because it’s only 20% of my grade, so if I don’t do good it won’t affect my overall grade too much,” said Faulkner.

Students will be taking finals on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

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