Election Day Determines Kentucky’s Future


Photo credit: creative commons. An example of a sticker voters get after submitting their ballots.

Ella Olds, Magazine Editor

“I voted today.”

Each year when citizens finish at the ballot that slogan is on a sticker they receive. 

Kentucky citizens voted for state offices on Tuesday, Nov. 5 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Running in the race was incumbent Matt Bevin and Attorney General Andy Beshear. After the controversy Bevin has caused among public school employees and others, Beshear has gained support from teachers and democrats. Late Tuesday night, the results revealed that Beshear won the governor race with 49.2% of votes yet Bevin has refused to concede to said results.

School was called off across the state on Tuesday due to the election. During the election citizens voted for who they want to represent their state as Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and other statewide office positions.

Many students missed multiple school days in the 2018-19 school year because of teacher protests that began because of the laws that Bevin tried to put in place. Bevin wanted to take public school funds and put them into private schools and make changes to the ailing public pension system. Because of this, an uproar in the public education system was created in which teachers, students and administrative staff would protest by going to Frankfort, KY. and discuss the matter with state politicians and chanting outside the building. These protests called school to be canceled for several days in many different counties.

Jefferson county student, Eli Dennison, posted a snapchat with his views in text. He was informing other students to talk to their parents about voting. He wanted everybody to outvote Bevin because he didn’t want a shortened summer like they had last year. He had his own incentives for posting that and was looking out for his public school and the others in Kentucky.  “I don’t want a short summer because of the teachers calling in again this year. I posted that snapchat to my story because it’s important for students to educate their parents on who their voting for and why Beshear should be our representative,” said Dennison.