2020 Sports Success


The boys won the regional tournament. Photographer unknown.

Tyler Mozingo, Sports Editor

A run the school has never seen before came to an end. 

Runs the school has never seen before has ended with something to be proud of.  

With the boys soccer team winning the region and going on to the first round of the state tournament, that raises the question if the 2020 class is one of the more successful classes the school has had. 

The recent sports success within the 2020 class has been the girls soccer team winning the region and going on to the first round of state in back to back seasons. The boys soccer team won the region and went to state for the first time in school history. The volleyball team went to the regional championship for the first time since 1999. That is just the fall sports, there is still winter and spring sports to come. 

The highlight of the fall season was the run the boys soccer team made. They had never made it past the first round of the region and they went above and beyond moving on to the state tournament. “It was a cool thing to experience since we had never done it before and to be a senior on the first team to do it was special,” said senior soccer player Zak Perdew. Perdew was a captain for the soccer team. 

The success didn’t stop there as the girls soccer team repeated as region champions. “Being able to repeat as champs was exciting and getting to play in the state tournament for the second time was cool. Obviously we wanted to win the whole thing but there’s only one that can win,” said senior soccer player Chloe Holt. 

The volleyball team had a season to be proud of as well. The school hadn’t seen a volleyball team in the region championship since 1999, until now. They fell in the championship against Mercy, who went on to play in the state championship. “We are just proud to be ‘that’ team that ended the streak even though we’re upset that it came to an end,” said senior volleyball player Taylor Clemens. 

The school has seen some very good success from the class of 2020 so far, so there is that question that arises if the 2020 class is one of the best classes to come through Bullitt East. People will have their own opinions about it, but you can’t argue the facts. It will be an ongoing discussion, but there will be more seasons to settle the debate.