Prom Dresses Galore

Morgan Harbolt, Executive Editor

Tis’ the season for glitter and spray tans.

Prom 2020 is right around the corner and every girl just wants to feel like a princess.

Every prom season, the fads change. This year a lot of girls got their dresses from either Miss Priss or Geno’s formal affair. What the guys wear is equally important and can change the whole look.

Prom dresses have gone through a lot of styles throughout the years. Some of these include sparkles, two pieces, high-low dresses, neon colors, etc. Senior Valerie Lanci said, “I think the most popular style of dresses this year is definitely sparkles. I’ve seen many other girls dresses and it has sparkles either all over the dress or just parts of it.”

There are certain stores that a lot of girls will go to for their dresses. Out of the 268 people who responded to a poll on our Instagram, 68% of those people have already gotten their prom dress. Junior Bria Byrant got her dress at Geno’s. She said, “It’s a purple one piece with black sparkles. It’s very long and somewhat tight.”

What the girls wear are not the only important thing, what their date wears is just as significant. If the date doesn’t match the dress perfectly, then the whole look can be thrown off. Some guys like to go out of the normal black suit and tie look, however this can be risky. It is important to know the colors that look good together. If the guy wants to wear a red suit but his date’s dress is blue, then that could clash. Lanci is wearing a red low v-neck dress with sparkly flowers flowing through the dress. Lanci said, “My date is wearing an all black suit with a red jacket and red bow tie.”

Some guys couldn’t care less what they wear to prom, but some guys do. Senior Kaylon Hampton said, “I think a lot of guys care more than most people think. Even guys like to look good on prom.”

The accessories are equally as important to both guys and girls for prom. A girl can change her look with jewelry, shoes, hair and makeup. A guy can change his look with shoes, watches and belts. Hampton said, “I’m wearing a paisley white jacket with my date’s colored dress as a bow tie, and Alexander McQueen shoes.”