Athletes in Quarantine

Morgan Harbolt, Executive Editor

Spring was just around the corner.

For Spring athletes, their season was just about to start when an ultimate pause was put on them.

Due to COVID-19 KHSAA postponed all Spring sports until April 12. Athletes are finding it hard to have hope. The whole Spring sports season is in danger of being cancelled.

Friday, March 13 every Kentucky Spring sport athlete’s world took a halt. The Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) announced that Spring sports could not continue until after April 12. That is a whole month that teams are not allowed to have games or practice. Athletes are not even allowed to use the school’s facilities. Coaches and players are not allowed to have face to face contact, it is a lot like dead period in the summer. Except coaches and players are allowed to have contact via text.

Sophomore Tyler Bass is on the track team. Bass said, “I wasn’t too surprised when it was postponed because of everything else that had already been postponed and suspended before it but it was still sad.” Leading up to the season getting postponed, many other things had already been cancelled or postponed, like the MLB’s spring training.

A lot of these sports seasons we’re just about to start the following week. This is upsetting for all athletes but it’s even harder for the seniors. This was supposed to be their last season to spend with their friends and play the sport they love, now it has been robbed from them. Senior baseball player Trent Murphy said, “The seniors and I are handling it the best we can I guess, but still struggling and having hope.” The baseball team’s first game was supposed to be the following Monday after the season got postponed, March 16.

Sophomore Alyssa Weber is on the softball team and their first game was also supposed to be that Monday, March 16. Weber said, “I truly believe that the team is struggling to handle the break in our season. I feel as if we are in great disbelief. We all love the game so much and want to be out there playing that it’s killing us to not even be able to see and practice with each other.” Weber is still doing workouts at home and practicing what she can in hopes that they will still get to have some type of season, even if it’s short.

As of right now the seasons are still only postponed, but there is a fear of them getting cancelled all together. Weber said, “As much as it breaks my heart to say it, I truly believe that we will not be able to resume ourseason. This is only because the SEC has already cancelled all of their spring sports. Plus many colleges have been shut down for the rest of the semester which means our school has a very high chance of also being out.” Hope is still out there that Spring sports will get to continue in the 2020 season.