Permit/Restricted License News Announcement


Bullitt East High School

Post from Bullitt East High School’s Facebook Page.

Sophia Blanton, Copy Editor

Due to current restrictions, students of Bullitt County are not able to obtain their permit or restricted license.

Kentucky state Governor, Andy Beshear, canceled all in-person government services. This caused all DMVs to close statewide Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

Students are required to fill out a compliance form before they can go get their permit at the DMV. Now, because DMVs are closed and students are no longer allowed at school until May 1, Bullitt East’s administrators are following the executive orders of Beshear to not allow walk-in traffic through the school. This results in students not being able to get their permit at 16 like they typically do. A Facebook post from Bullitt East says, “Once the restrictions are lifted and schools and courthouses are allowed to reopen, you will be able to pick up a form, fill out the top section and drop it off at school.”