Coronavirus Effects on First Responders

Morgan Harbolt, Executive Editor

First responders can’t stop responding.

The Louisville fire department is among the essential workers who can’t stop working due to the Coronavirus.

First responders can’t work from home. They are taking extra precautions to try and keep their workers safe. Covid-19 has brought a lot of changes.

Arthur Harbolt Jr. has been a Louisville firefighter for 25 years. Right now he holds a safety officer position. This position protects the firefighters and makes sure their suits are safe. They also do research on cancer within retired firefighters and what causes it. This position also includes trying to keep the firefighters healthy during this time. “What we started doing because of Covid-19, and this is new, every member of the fire department that comes in, we’re taking their temperature everyday. So when they arrive on duty, mid-day, and when they go home. Anyone who shows a temperature of 100 degrees is sent home and they’re quarantined for 14 days. Also if an individual is complaining of respiratory issues, flu like symptoms, anything like that without the fever we are still doing the same thing.”

Some people can work from home and get their job done. However, when you are a first responder that is not the case. The community still needs police officers and firefighters to protect them.

The Louisville police department has also limited the types of calls that they’re responding to. They are no longer responding to non-violent crimes. This includes hit and runs, burglary, speeding, illegal parking, trespass and more. This is in an attempt to limit the officers exposure to the Coronavirus.