Bowles Retires From The Classroom But Not The Diamond

Derek Rogers, Copy Editor

Bowles steps down after two decades.

Jeff Bowles plans to retire from teaching but remain head baseball coach.

Bowles has decided to retire to draw his retirement. However, he still plans to be active around Bullitt East by still coaching baseball. For the time that he is retiring, Bowles plan to do what he wants to do for a while.

The decision to step down as one of the business teachers was made over the summer. After a long career at Bullitt East that has included him not only being a teacher, but also the head baseball coach and also the head football coach. His main reason for his retirement was to draw his retirement.

“He was very important because he has been here his whole career and he has influenced a lot of students and players,” said Bullitt East principal Chris Mason.

Even though Bowles has plans to retire for the time being from teaching, he intends to take no time off from coaching baseball.

“I plan to coach baseball as long as I can physically get out there,” said Bowles.

As for what he plans to do with his free time, Bowles says he is excited to do what he wants to do for a while.

“I’ve got some things I’ve got to get done at home, and I plan on running half marathon in November just for the heck of it. It’s one of those do it just cause you can kinda things. How many people retire and then run a marathon? I think it’s cool,” said Bowles.

The loss of Mr. Bowles will surely affect both faculty and students, but we all wish him the best while he begins his retirement.