Strong Season Nearing The Home Stretch


Brodie Curtsinger

Some of the key players from the regular season standing next to each other at one of their final games. May 25, the Chargers played against the North Oldham Mustang’s, and at one point, during the game, senior Brock Hammond (right), senior Slade Douthett (middle), and senior Riley Harkey (left), were standing next to each other. Based on their number of runs, they led the team this regular season. “All of our seniors are always important to our team. They know how we want things done, and this is a time they get to be leaders, and develop some skills that will benefit them later on, in life. They are given responsibility, and asked to get things done, while leading the rest of the guys,” Bowles said.

Brodie Curtsinger, Sports Editor

Wins all day.

This season, the baseball team is at the point of 23 wins and 10 losses.

Coach Jeff Bowles definitely recognizes a few highlights, that the team had, this year. Senior Slade Douthett was pretty happy with the way that the season had come to an end. The thing that senior Brock Hammond is going to miss most from high school baseball is the atmosphere of the games.

Bowles believes that the regular season went fine. “The regular season was fine (with 23 wins, and only 10 losses); Maybe even a little better than I thought it would be, record-wise, but we did have some rough patches. We are the number one seed in the district tournament, and that’s our biggest goal for the regular season,” Bowles said, “We’ve had some wins over some very good baseball programs this season: Male, Ballard, PRP, North Oldham, Anderson County, and Cincinnati Moeller.” Bowles noticed a couple of highlights from the wins of this regular season.

Some of the key players from the regular season were seniors Douthett, Hammond, and Riley Harkey. “All of our seniors are always important to our team. They know how we want things done and this is a time they get to be leaders and develop some skills that will benefit them later on in life. They are given responsibility, and asked to get things done, while leading the rest of the guys,” Bowles said.

Bowles is extremely proud, and always will be, of what the team has accomplished this year, especially with the challenges they had to overcome. “I’m always proud of our team. I treat them like they are really, my boys. I have high expectations for them. They are asked to work hard, and put a lot of time into our team and program. It takes a lot of sacrifices to be a part of our program, and I’m always appreciative of that,” Bowles said, “We’ve had some injuries to overcome and a few games that we didn’t perform up to our capabilities, but I feel we’re moving in the right direction at the right time.” Although, with all their successes, have come some challenges.

Bowles made a few memories this year, such as the winning-streaks they had. “We had two rather long winning-streaks, during this season; One was nine games, and the other was eight. That’s rather unusual to have two of that length during one season,” Bowles said.

Douthett believes that the regular season went pretty well. “I think this season went well from start, to the finish, of the regular season. We didn’t start out the season the way we wanted, but we progressively got better, and better, as the year went along,” Douthett said, “Some highlights, I would say, would be starting 0-3, to ending the season 23-10. Shows we really kicked it around.” Douthett did notice a few highlights, from the regular season, like how they started from the season, and how they grew throughout the season. 

Douthett is very proud of himself, along with his teammates, on how they did this season, so far. “I am extremely proud that we got better, as the season went along,” Douthett said, “Some challenges we had to overcome were some injuries, like Trenton Creek, and not having many players with any Varsity experience didn’t help us either.” Some challenges that Douthett, and his teammates, had to overcome, to get to where they did, were things such as injuries, and lack of experience.

There are quite a few things that Douthett is going to miss, about being able to play with this team. “Some things I will miss about this team, once the postseason, is over, is us always being around each other 24/7, and having a good time together,” Douthett said, “Some things I am going to miss about high school baseball, is being able to play with all of my friends I grew up with.” There are also some more, and different, things that Douthett is going to miss about just being able to play on the Bullitt East baseball team, overall.

Douthett definitely made quite a few memories this year. “Some memories we made were getting to go to Myrtle Beach, for the first time, and us not having a year last year. So, we were a very inexperienced team,” Douthett said.

Hammond feels this regular season went pretty well. “I feel the season went well, and that we have grown together, through this time,” Hammond said, “I wouldn’t say there are specific highlights that I have from the season; winning the district in the regular season is definitely always a big deal, as well as beating the county rivals.”

Hammond feels beyond proud of his teammates, along with himself. “I’m extremely proud of how this team played, but not because of performance necessarily, but because of the perseverance we’ve had,” Hammond said, “Kids definitely had to grow up, and step into their role, before people would say they may be ready to, but for us, it has been a huge deal, and could very well be the reason we are where we are today.” Some challenges that Hammond, and his teammates, had to overcome, to get to where they did, was growing up, and stepping into leadership roles.

Although the season is not over, Hammond will miss a couple things on being able to play on this team. “There’s unlike any atmosphere of high school baseball, when you have kids that haven’t hit puberty, and grown men that can play on the same field, and all can compete. Mostly, I’ll miss the atmosphere; from the fans, to the opponents, I just don’t see anything being quite like it,” Hammond said, “I’ll definitely miss just being around all the guys, and the bond that we’ve all built with one another.” 

Hammond definitely made a lot of memories this year, and would go as far as saying that there was at least one memory made every day. “I think memories are made everyday; even if they’re not huge things that people find to be the most amazing things, just being together and messing around with the guys, is an experience unlike any other,” Hammond said. Hammond feels “blessed to be a part of Bullitt East baseball for six years,” and he “will always hold a place in [his] heart for it.”

The biggest win, for the team, from the regular season, was April 16, against Spencer County, where they scored 12 runs in a single inning, causing the game to end short, in the fourth inning, with the score of 18-1, Chargers. 

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