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Helping Hands

Rescue teams help to evacuate citizens
Avoid Fraudulent Charitable Contribution Schemes by Texas Army National Guard Photo (cc by-sa)

Rescue teams help to evacuate citizens Avoid Fraudulent Charitable Contribution Schemes by Texas Army National Guard Photo (cc by-sa)

Rescue teams help to evacuate citizens Avoid Fraudulent Charitable Contribution Schemes by Texas Army National Guard Photo (cc by-sa)

Meredith Bass, Business Editor

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Volunteers are flooding the streets of Texas.

Hurricane Harvey flooded Texas last week and the efforts of rescue teams, missionaries and selfless individuals are proving remarkable.

Harvey, a category four hurricane, struck southeast Texas on August 25. The storm has caused extreme flooding and damage, with the number of injuries and fatalities still climbing. Almost immediately after the storm hit, thousands of people packed their bags and headed to Texas to help.

Harvey was formed on August 17, first hitting Rockport, Texas at peak intensity just eight days later. Currently, the storm has now stretched over 200 miles across the state. The city of Houston seems to have taken the hit hardest. There has been a recorded 50 inches of rain in the last week, which is more than the city’s annual rainfall.

The hurricane gave little warning before it stormed into Texas. August 13 was the first day that the National Hurricane Center started monitoring the storm. The National Weather Service issued a warning just soon after the hurricane hit, preparing people for the days ahead in which the storm was expected to linger.

As a result of the sudden catastrophic storm, drinking water was cut off and many citizens were left with limited food. Many stores took advantage of this and were found guilty of price gouging, with a 24 pack of water being priced as high as $99.

Since the streets of Houston have flooded, the amount of damage is still uncertain. Now, as the water drains, victims will return to what was once their homes to see just how much is left. So far, the death toll has climbed to 44 and is still going.

These conditions have inspired people from all over the United States to do what they can to help. The Red Cross is taking blood donations and sending thousands of volunteers to the heart of the madness to assist those in need. Countless websites and fund accounts have been set up to receive donations that will go to help as well.

Senior Cameron Harper is one advocate for Harvey victims. If it is approved for him to miss school, he himself will be packing his bags and heading to Texas to help. The team that he is joining left Tuesday morning. He will be meeting them in Texas if the trip is approved. His team of friends is taking a boat around the struggling area to look for people in need of help. Even if his trip is not approved, Harper has still pitching in from home with donations to the Red Cross.

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