Principal Chris Mason Accepts Assistant Superintendent Position In Other District


Brodie Curtsinger

Speaking, Chris Mason gives directions to students during an assembly. Mason provided strong leadership during his run and changed the school for the better. “We have worked extremely hard to have a culture of inclusion and our population continues to become more diverse,” Mason said.

Keelin Davis, Executive Editor

May 3, 2022, Principal Chris Mason announced his acceptance of the position as assistant superintendent in Marshall County to the community. 

Mason has been the second longest-serving principal in school history and his run will not be forgotten. He had been recruited for this new position for months and is eager to get started with a new journey. Looking back on his seven years as principal, he is proud of the leadership and hard work that was displayed. 

The morning of May 3, Mason met with the staff and administration to announce his acceptance of a new position. Shortly after, Mason tweeted, “It is with much excitement and nervousness that I send you this message. I have accepted an Assistant Superintendent position with another district for the 2022-23 school year. Thank you for always supporting me, our staff and students. Bullitt East is a special place and I am so thankful for the opportunity to have worked and lived in this community. Thank you again for helping make this our home for the last seven and a half years. ‘Once a Charger, always a Charger.’”

This decision had been a long time in the making, dating back a few months when Mason was first contacted. “Since February, I have been in contact with district leaders recruiting me for the position,” Mason said. Part of what drew out the process was the love and memories that Mason had developed over his tenure. 

The community of Mount Washington has embraced Mason and his family and he will have a hard time letting go of what was built. “It’s been a tough decision due to leaving East. Our student body and parental support are second to none. Also, my family has been a part of this community for the last seven years. We love Mount Washington,” Mason said. 

Under Mason’s leadership, the school made massive strides in academics, relationships and inclusivity. “Our team has led through a very difficult time in education. We have tried to focus on relationships and treating our staff, parents and students right. We hope that now things will get back to normal and students and staff will flourish,” Mason said. Post COVID-19, the relationships inside the community were able to be revived due to the hard work and strategy from staff.

Looking ahead to the incoming principal, whoever that may be, Mason has three snippets of advice to leave for them. 

  1. “Show up and lead. Make decisions and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Just fix them if you can.”
  2. “Look for more opportunities for our students. This is what makes East unique.”
  3. “Self care. Take care of yourself and your family. Have fun!”

Livewire thanks Principal Chris Mason for his continuous respect, support and leadership that he provided the school and community during his time.