Leading the Pack at the Region 3 Master Meet

Zach Combest, Website Editor

The Chargers are making a strong stride to the finish line.

As of September 26, the cross country team at East competed in the AAA Region 3 Master Meet #3 hosted at Charlie Vettiner Park in Louisville, Kentucky.

This 5k run was held on Tuesday and the girls began their run at 4:30 p.m and had a strong showing in the race. The boys followed at 5:15 p.m. The overall scores for East improved significantly with this run.

The top boy runner on the team was junior Josh Wetzel as he came in first place out of 41, completing his 5k run with a time of 18:10.66. Junior Cole Davenport was after, completing his 5k in 19:11, delivering him with the place of seventh. Right behind him was Blake Hourigan, junior, clocking in at 19:12, with a place of ninth. Next, with a place of 14, and a time of 20:03, Zach Ballard, sophomore, completed his run.

As for the girls, freshman, Emily Tinelli came in second place out of 33 runners, with a time of 21:24.71 in the 5k meter run. Then was senior Meredith Thornsberry in ninth place bringing it in with a time of 23:52.52. Senior Marie Spatzenegger ended her 5k with a time of 25:46 and a place of 14.

Junior Abigail Clarkson was next with a time of 25:48, placing her right behind Spatzenegger with a place of 15 out of 33. With a place of 16, freshman Abby Troutman brought it in with a clock time of 25:58. Freshman Ashlee Williams crossed the finish line with a time of 29:51 and a place of 26.

As a team, Bullitt East girls placed second with an average time of 24:34. Head coach Lenny Raley tweeted after the meet, “Efforts of the day go to Josh Wetzel for winning boys race and Meredith Thornsberry for running a personal best by a over a minute.”

The team is continuing to improve more with each run. The next race was on October 10, held at the Bernard Keene Cross Country Course in Bardstown, Kentucky. This race will be hosted by Nelson County High School.