Mooney Comes In First


Savannah Mooney at Media Day.

Claire Schneider and Kylie Huber

Another first place finish.

On September 3rd, Mooney was the first runner to cross the finish line at the Shelby County Invite.

Mooney came out on top at a recent cross country meet. In her own experience, it can be very nerve racking. Cross country has been a way for Mooney to improve her skills in other sports. “I mean I’ve won in the past, this isn’t my first win, but I don’t win that often, so this is a lot of fun,” Mooney said.

Mooney was one of many female runners from all over Bullitt County, including neighboring high schools like Spencer County High School and fellow Bullitt East teammates. The students ran about three miles and the meet was hosted by East Middle School in Shelby County.  Despite running among 9-12th graders, by the halfway point of the race freshman Mooney’s nerves were gone. She was gaining confidence.

When she finally crossed the finish line Mooney had one thing on her mind, the relief of finally being able to rest. “My first thought was I was really tired after I finished, but then it’s always really fun when your teammates congratulate you, it’s a really good feeling,” Mooney said.

The crowd and atmosphere of cross country meets can be both anxiety causing and exhilarating. “They are usually pretty big and there are a lot of people there, but they’re also really exhilarating like with your team and your coaches and everybody cheering you on,” Mooney said.

The skills required to compete in cross country have helped Mooney in other athletic endeavors. In fact, she started cross country in the fifth grade to stay in better condition for soccer, which she has also competed in since elementary school. Since then, Mooney has faithfully ran with her team after school three to four times a week. “So I just never stopped,” Mooney said. She intends to compete in cross country all through high school, and it continues to support her soccer and basketball skills.

The girl’s team then  finished 4th out of 21 at the Rumble Through the Jungle Sep. 10. Huge shout-out to the Mooney sisters, Caroline and Savannah, on their 6th and 7th place finishes. The teams next meet will be the Trinity Invitational on Sep. 17.