Closing the Season With Fast Runs


Haley Grether

Tinelli runs at tanglewood, coming close to beating her PR (personal record).

Haley Grether, Copy Editor

East is making a speedy end to this fall’s cross-country season.

As of Oct. 14, the XC team traveled to Versailles to compete in the Woodford County Invitational. The teem took an overnight trip that Friday in order to compete in the race the following Saturday morning. The team competed against 15 other teams in this run.

Top boy on the team was junior Josh Wetzel with a time of 19:15.61 placing 57 out of 139. Then was freshman Camden Bohannon with a place of 60 and a clock in time of 19:24.66. Junior Cole Davenport was next with a place of 77 and a clock in time of 20:01.69. Sophomore Zach Ballard was after with a clock in time of 20:41.53 and a place of 86. Junior Blake Hourigan followed with a place of 91 and a time of 20:49.22.

Overall the Varsity High School boys team placed 8 out of 15 teams with an average run time of 20.02.

Top girl on the team was freshman Emily Tinelli with a place of 22 out of 128 and a clock in time of 22:32.26. Next was, freshman Cassie Clements finished with a time of 24:08.86 and a place of 43. Then was freshman Abby Troutman with a clock in time of 25:31.07 and a place of 64. Junior Abigail Clarkson finished her run with a place of 71 and a clock in time of 25:56.53. Senior Meredith Thornsberry was next with a time of 26:15.87 and a place of 77. After was senior Marie Spatzenegger with a place of 100 and a time of 28:28.

Overall, the varsity girls team placed 8 out of 15 with an average time of 24.51.

As of Oct. 17, the XC team at East traveled to Taylorsville to compete in the MKAC cross-country invitational held at the Tanglewood Golf course.

This was the last meet of the season before regionals and the runners showed much excitement for the coming future. “I would love to run in college. (When running) I think about going to collegiate and what I have to do to get there, ” said Wetzel.

Top girl in meet at Tanglewood was Tinelli in second place out of 74 with a time of 20:43.46. Next on the team was Clements placing 10 with a time of 22:34.99. Then was Troutman placing 19 with a time of 23:54.18. Junior Lindsey Spencer was next in place 24 ending her run with a time of 24:43.84. Thornsberry was next with a time of 25:28.65 placing 28. Placing 33 was Spatzenegger with a time of 25:52.65. Then was Clarkson with a place of 36 and a time of 25:59.92. Walker was after with a time of 26:48.68 and a place of 42. Following was freshman Jaiden Hammac ending her run in place 43 with a time of 27:08.18. Freshman Ashlee Williams was next with a place of 49 and a time of 28:51.58.

Overall, the girls team placed third with an average time of 23:29.0

Top boy in this meet at Tanglewood was Wetzel in place 13 out of 75 with a time of 18:36.82. Bohannon was next placing 16 with a time of 18:36.82. Hourigan was next with a time of 18:40.91 and a place of 18. Davenport was after with a place of 23 and a time of 19:01.79. Next on the team was Ballard with a time of 19:21.31 placing 24.

Overall, the boys team placed third with an average time of 18:49.38.

All members of the team performed well in these two meets. The team will gather on  Oct. 28 at the Region Meet held at the Seneca Park in Louisville.