College Signings


Here is Kathleen Scott and her family after she signed to Bellarmine.

Morgan Harbolt, Staff Writer

Signing their life away…for four years.

Three seniors from BE officially signed to their school of choice on Wednesday Nov. 8.

Julia Poole signed with Spalding University to play soccer. Kathleen Scott signed with Bellarmine University to play basketball. Taylor Roby signed with University of Louisville to play softball.

Poole was the first to be on the spotlight. “Their soccer program has grown a lot and their academics are really good, their nursing program is really good,” said Poole. That is why she will be attending Spalding in the fall of 2018.

A lot of students think the recruiting process is stressful. Poole said, “I really just emailed the coach and asked him if I can come and see the campus and it really just went on from there.” Poole will play midfielder or striker for Spalding.

Roby was next. She turned down multiple colleges such as Ohio State, Florida State and Southern Indiana University to go to her top pick Louisville. “I’ve always been with the program since I was really little and ever since I was on the campus it felt like home and they treated me like family,” said Roby. She has known that she was committing to Louisville since her freshman year.

Roby will be a pitcher for Louisville and if she can prove herself, she will be in the lineup to hit.

Scott was the last to sign. “When Bellarmine asked I waited but I knew that’s where I wanted to go,” said Scott. She will be majoring in physical therapy at the home of the knights. “I felt it was really just a perfect fit, and I would be able to make a difference or an impact on the team.”