Here Comes the Season


Jeff Schaber

2017-18 Cheer leading team

Emmy Ralph, Staff Writer

Everyone shout, B-E-H-S!

The Bullitt East Cheerleading team hosted their first competition of the year at home on Saturday, Nov. 4.

After having a good turnout for this competition, the team went home as grand champions. There were 15 teams that competed but none were in their division.

The start of a season gives the cheerleading team a boost of confidence.“After performing at a few competitions already, it has given our team a lot of confidence that we can hit and beat other teams. But, we still need to be more focused at practice and make sure we work on perfecting things,” said junior Taylor Ramsey.

The last competition the team competed in was held in Lexington on Saturday, Nov.11.

In this competition, not only did the cheerleading team take first place, but they qualified for nationals. They had the highest score of the day.

Coming into the season as seniors, many of them have a different mindset for this year.

“As a senior my main goal is to lead this team to success. I hope that success entails a national championship. Another goal is to have this be the best year yet. I want to have an undefeated season and really work on hitting our routine as much as we can,” said senior, Mallory Tinker.

The cheer team has been looking forward to the start of the season. They have been working hard everyday to get better, with hopes of having a successful season this year.

The next competition the team will compete in will be on Saturday Dec. 2 at Valley High School.