Redzone Rowdies Rally to Kick Off Football Season


Before the first football game, students gathered in the parking lot for the first Redzone Rowdies Rally.

Ainsley Gordon, Editor-in-Chief

Rallying under the Friday night lights.

Before the first home game of the year, students will gather for the first Redzone Rowdies Rally.

As the first home football game comes around, the Redzone Rowdies have decided to coordinate a rally before the game. In hopes of getting spirits up pre-game, students gathered to play corn hole, football and basketball. Continuing throughout the year, the Redzone Rowdies are looking forward to growing school spirit throughout the student body.

As a whole, the students in this club generate school spirit throughout the community. Each year new students are chosen to lead the Redzone Rowdies. “[The leadership committee] brought to me what a lot of the kids wanted. They kind of missed that get together before the game kind of thing,” said sponsor of the Redzone Rowdies, Jo Perkins.  

Students gathered before the game spent time hanging out, playing sports and listening to music before they headed over to the football field.

In previous years, students that showed up early for football usually stayed in the main parking lot. The new rally actually took place behind the College and Career Center building. This gave the students their own place to get pepped for the game before they went to the Redzone.

One of the main missions of the leaders of the Redzone Rowdies this year is to increase the school spirit through the community. “This leadership group is really, really hoping to ramp up school spirit again, so we’re hoping to get off to a really good start with this,” said Perkins.

The first home football game of the school year against Central Hardin has come to an end and the next home game will be next Friday against Spencer County.