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The Champs Are Back

Braylen Ferrell
The Chargers are eagerly preparing for game against Male. After last year’s championship win over Male, the rivalry is at an all time high between the two teams. ” “They are going to have us circled on their calendars. And it’s fun to be in games like that. The close ones. The ones where we go back and forth. I would rather be in a game like that than a blowout where it’s 45 to seven.” Hare said.

It’s about that time again. 

With a new football season coming right around the corner, expectations are high for the reigning champs. 

From Kroger field back to the gym, the grind never stops for defending champs. As the team prepares for a new season, a series of changes are in store ranging from the roster to the new stadium. Seniors Isaiah Hare and Tyler Spalding give a behind-the-scenes look at what turns a small-town team into a 6A State Champ. 

“We are the top guys around,” Hare said. “Everyone is going to be coming for us and because of that, we are the team to beat now. We just got to defend that title,”

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The game plan is simple – discipline. Hare believes that if the teams come out with strong discipline, there isn’t a team on the schedule that can beat them. But as with anything in life, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes determination on top of countless hours of practice both on the field and off. While others were enjoying a summer vacation full of beach trips and relaxation, they were putting in work. 

Attending camps and going to early morning workouts is what summer usually looks like for the returning senior, but that doesn’t mean he is missing out on his fair share of fun. “Camp is always a good time, with good memories that will last forever,” Hare said. 

Spalding echoed that statement. At an Eastern Kentucky camp, his group made it far into the competition but unfortunately, not the end. “Our seven-on-seven went to EKU. We had a pretty good run there but we lost as a team. We were all pretty sad but it showed how we bonded as a team. I’m excited to see that this season,” Spalding said. He continued on, expressing how proud he was of his teammates’ effort during their shared preseason work. 

Cohesion has never been a problem with this class, with most of them playing together well before stepping onto Egan Field.. “I feel like I’m close with all of the seniors. There really isn’t a certain one person. We have all been really close just because we have always had fewer in numbers. We have not had the biggest class. Even when we graduated eighth grade, there were only I think seven or eight of us who really played in middle school ball. We have all stuck together and have that tight bond with each other,” Hare said. 

This comradery extended beyond the locker room to both the coaches and the stands. During the early morning practices when everyone seemed tired, Coach Kendrick was the one to get everyone fired up and motivated for the upcoming season, all while continually preaching discipline. Similarly to that, Spalding gave a shout-out to Coach Hall, who worked with the receivers, for pushing him to be the best he could possibly be. 

The other driving motivational factor for the team is their very own community cheering them on through every game. Waiting in the tunnel, and hearing the fans has been Spalding’s favorite aspect of the game. “Right before the game is exciting. Everyone is getting hyped up and ready to go. You get the chills and the nerves but it gets your blood pumping,” Spalding said. “Because of the fans, the games are just crazy. There are so many people and it gives us so much motivation. It helps us to go out there and play.” As if there hasn’t been enough attendance in the past seasons, this year is sure to show out with the rebuilt stadium seating, set to be completed this month. 

The season kicks off this Saturday, with the Chargers taking on Woodford County. The game is neutral, taking place at Old Harrodsburg High School. The team’s first home game is on Sept. 8 against Bullitt Central.  

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