The Baseball Team has a New Facility

Tyler Mozingo, Sports Editor

Big changes are coming for the baseball team.

Over the course of the last month, a locker room for the baseball team broke ground and it is now almost complete.

The locker room has been an idea for the baseball team since last season, but it is now fully in place to have built before the upcoming season. The idea was presented to the Board of Education to get the ‘okay’ from them to start the process over the summer, but it was halted as it had to get passed from people higher up than the board. The nod to get things rolling was given a few months ago and now the locker room doesn’t have much longer until it is good to go.

The players are looking forward to having the locker room built as it will be their go to place. “A place to change finally without people seeing us will be nice,” said senior Jacob Benson. “A closer bond with everybody behind closed doors will help us as a team,” said Benson.

The team has had to change outside behind the dugout where anyone who goes back there to see, which is a privacy issue, so having the locker room will prevent that from happening. “The clubhouse will be a place where we can talk and just hang out as a team with nobody else around,” said senior Garret Simpson.

The locker room will bring relief and enjoyment for the baseball team as their season is right around the corner.