Cross Country Sprints Into Midseason


The cross country boys blast off the finish line and take late leads early in the race. They are happy with their past performances and continue to push themselves. “Hopefully we keep improving and get where we need to be. I know its hard but i’m shooting for an 18:30 (his personal record) before the seasons over,” said Christmas.

Keelin Davis, Copy Editor

With a chip on their shoulder, the team keeps pushing forward.

Saturday, Sept. 21, the cross country team competed in the Trinity Valkyrie Invitational against 24 other high schools. 

The boys are happy with their performances in such a big race but feel that they could improve. The girls had high placements against high competition. Nearing the middle of the season, the team is happy with where they are right now but know they can get better. 

Junior Alex Christmas led the Chargers in 114th place and he finished in 19:07.20, his personal best on the season. “I felt pretty good throughout the race and managed to pull off a personal record by 13 seconds,” said Christmas. Finishing in 125th place, junior Zach Ballard ran a 19:18.00. Junior Logan Gentry and sophomore Cody Bostock finished 152nd and 158th and both finished just after 20 minutes. The team placed 21st out of 24 teams. 

The girls only had four runners compete on Saturday morning. Freshman Raelee Hawkins finished in 20th place and ran the race in 21:10.70. Close after, junior Emily Tinelli and sophomore Mia Maguire finished 32nd and 34th and they ran it in 21:47.30 and 21:58.60. Junior Jaiden Hammack finished 137th in 26:32.30.

The cross country team has had a successful season so far and they have pushed themselves to new limits. They expect the most out of themselves and push each other to be at their best at all times. “We plan on doing more work on Sundays, stretching more, and hoping to eat better,” said Christmas.

The cross country team’s next meet is Saturday, Sept. 28 in Bardstown where they will compete in the Hillbilly Run.