Girls Golf Weekly Recap


North Charleston

A golf ball sitting on a tee.

Katey Goins, Staff Writer

Another match in the books.

Monday, Sept. 23, the girls golf team spent another day at the Heritage Hill Golf Course. 

Sophomores Alayna Wells and Shelby Hatter were the two golfers that participated in the teams most recent match. This particular match played a modified stableford scoring system, a system that counts the number of strokes taken at each hole. Unlike traditional scoring systems, when using stableford scoring, the goal is to get a higher number rather than lower.

Wells, sophomore, scored 14 strokes and Hatter, sophomore, scored two strokes. Wells explained that she did a lot better than she had expected too and that she likes the stableford scoring system better than the traditional system. “It’s different so I guess that has an affect on you. I hope to improve on two things, distance and short game,” said Wells.

The teams last match is Monday, Sept. 30 at the Heritage Hill Golf Course.