Ending the Season on a Positive Note

Molly Shannon, Creative Editor

Hard work pays off.

After working tirelessly all season, freshman Macie Brown competed at state for girls golf.

Brown was the only one from the team to go to state for the two day tournament. Throughout the season Brown has been a standout and has made major improvements from last year. For the next season she hopes to continue improving and win more tournaments and matches.

Out of the four people on the girls golf team, Brown and coach Larry Steinmetz were the only ones to go to the State Competition Oct. 7 and 8. During this tournament Brown didn’t play as well as she planned to but throughout the season overall she has been consistent with her scores. “I didn’t do as well as I wanted to at state, especially on the first day, but the second day was better,” said Brown.

Last year Brown was still a standout player but this year she has made major improvements by practicing on areas where she struggles and remaining more consistent throughout the season. “I have performed pretty well this year… I have a lot from last season,” said Brown.

At state, Brown scored 82 on the first day and 77 on the second day, because of this, she hopes to win more major tournaments and continue to improve. “(next year) To win all of the invitationals I go to, to win regionals and state, and to win all of state,” said Brown.

Now that this season is over Brown can now focus on the upcoming season.