Wrestling Season Preview

The wrestling team is off to a strong start on the season. They have competed in  one tournament and placed second.

Katie Huffman

The wrestling team is off to a strong start on the season. They have competed in one tournament and placed second. “It’s just really exciting to see how far we get,” said junior Matthew Hendricks.

Keelin Davis, Copy Editor

High expectations builds high determination. 

The wrestling team recently started their season and have set high goals standards for themselves.

The team had a good season last year. They have prepared very hard for this season. They have set high expectations for themselves. 

During the 2018-2019 season, the wrestling team sent all of their seniors to state and performed at a high level. Although they had high performance from the upperclassmen, they never placed high on the podium in tournaments. Saturday, Nov. 23, the team competed in the Clash for the Claw tournament. They placed second and only finished behind Trinity High School. “Last year we couldn’t even squeak out a second place so we’re already excelling where we hadn’t before,” said Assistant Coach Trevor Miller. In only the first tournament, the team is already outshining last year’s. 

Over the summer, the team had dedicated a lot of their time to conditioning and training hard for the season. Junior Matthew Hendricks said, “Me and my teammates did a lot of wrestling at college camps and it’s just taught us more technique, made us more conditioned, made us stronger and we’ve just all around learned more about the sport and how we can excel in it.” To many players, the conditioning in the off season is the most important part of the sport. 

The coaches take their players through drills to help make them stronger, physically and mentally, and to build discipline. “We started early in the summer with two-a-day practices and then we went into crew week which was a weeklong, hard and physical. We do all kinds of stuff around the track, running the bleachers, having the guys basically carry each other up on the bleachers. We put them through the ring,” said Miller. Because of all the conditioning and training, the coaches and players have large predictions for the season. 

The team is very confident in their ability to send many players to state this year. With a larger roster and harder training, they are more determined than ever. “I think from a prediction standpoint, I see about six or seven guys going to state. A lot of guys hopefully can push past that and get in through the regions. Maybe another couple can get there but I’m pretty confident in six to seven guys going to state,” said Miller. Hendricks also has confidence in his teams ability to win this year. “As a team we have gotten a lot better, even though were a young team, we have a lot of new guys, our team all in one will be beating a lot of good teams,” said Hendricks. The team is locked in and set on their goal to send as many people as possible to state.

The team’s next tournament is Saturday, Dec. 7 at Fairdale High School.