The Best of the Best


Brodie Curtsinger

Senior Dylan Young holding the “300 Pin (Perfect Game)” trophy. At the Louisville City Tournament, Jan. 11, 2020; Young, senior Logan Parrish, junior Adam Young, sophomore Austin Hale and freshman David Scholtz, played a bakers match, and made history, and scored a perfect game, with 12 strikes in a row. “I think it (getting the 300 game) was pretty cool, considering I was the last person to complete that 300; is very stressful, you know, going up there shaking, taking deep breaths, inhaling, exhaling, trying to calm myself down. You know, it‘s just, for me, I was surprised I was able to do it,” said Dylan Young.

Brodie Curtsinger, Staff Writer

Senior Dylan Young is the history-making “king.”

Young has accomplished many things during his senior year, like being the runner-up, for basketball homecoming, for the seniors, and also getting to be the best bowler, on the history-making bowling team. 

Young believes that he has a good outside of school life, with his past life, and his current life; his father, Ed Young, his mother, Dana Young, and his girlfriend, 2018 graduate Morgan Beck, all agree with him. Dylan Young is ecstatic, and surprised, that he got to be runner-up for ‘homecoming king,’ and all are proud of him. Dylan Young is also the best bowler on this season’s bowling team, which has made Bullitt East history four times this season. 

Dylan Young is one of his parents’ two sons; Dylan Young is 18 years old, and his brother is 28 years old. Both of them are getting ready to turn another year older. Also, Dylan does not have any step-parents. 

Dylan Young has a good family life, in his opinion, with their being just every now and then arguments, but he thinks that’s the way it is with any family. “It’s worked out pretty good. I mean, you know, like typical family, and normal arguments, and stuff. I mean, we seem to work out everything, and just carry along like a normal family would,” said Dylan Young, “Mom and had, you know, have their little hissy fits, every now, and then, but, you know, they end up working it out some way. Just keeping everyone happy.”

Ed Young believes that he has a good relationship with his son, with them always just trying to do as many things as possible together. “He’s always been interested in a lot of stuff, that I’ve been interested in, like cars. He’s wanting to get into engineering, which is what I did; I had my own engineering company. So, I don’t know, me and him just had common interests, you know, and he’s a good boy; always been good in school, I don’t know if he’s missed probably, maybe two or three days, in probably the last four, or five, years of school. Yeah, good boy,” said Ed Young. Dana Young agrees with Ed that her, and Dylan Young, have a good relationship, as well, with Dylan Young always being her “little buddy.”

Feb. 17, will mark Beck and Dylan Young’s six months dating time period. Beck believes that she and him are close, and she also believes that she is close with Dylan Young’s family, as well. “I think it’s (her relationship with Dylan Young’s family) pretty good. I mean, it probably could be better. But, other than that, it’s pretty good,” said Beck, “I’m hoping I’m a big part of it (Dylan Young’s life). I’m hoping, but other than that it’s going pretty good.”

Dylan Young has many friends that he thinks are just outstanding people. “It’s outstanding (his relationship with his friends, is outstanding). Like, they’re good people. They push me to the max, helped me get through everything, like my past relationship with my ex, and, you know, helping me find new people to talk to, and just been there for me, for the longest time,” said Dylan Young. Ed Young and Dana Young agree with him, that his friends are amazing, as long as they stay out of trouble, and they understand that they are now getting to that mature level, in life. 

Beck, though, thinks Dylan Young’s friends have their moments, but other than that, they’re really good people to Dylan Young, and her. “I think they’re pretty good. They have their moments, but other than that they’re pretty good,” said Beck. Beck believes his current life is a little bit better, compared to his past life, because now, “he doesn’t have some of the people that he had in his past life.”

Dylan Young agrees with Beck, that his current life is supposedly different and better, than his past life. “I guess, my past life, I’ve just been shy, and stuff. I’ve been shy, and just kept to myself, and currently, I’ve been more open; talking to new people, just getting out there, just, doing stuff, I never thought I’d be doing,” said Dylan Young.

Dana Young doesn’t believe that Dylan Young has changed much, other than the fact with him growing up, with him always, just being a nice, and kind person. “There’s really not much difference (between his past life and current life). I mean, Dylan’s always been that, kind of, going, outspoken, kind of, little person. I mean, he says, he kind of talks, before he thinks about what he’s saying, and he just kind of says whatever’s on his mind. I mean, he’s always been that way. I don’t think he’s really changed all that much. He’s a very sweet, thoughtful, young man, and he’s always been that way, ever since he was a little boy,” said Dana Young. Ed Young agrees with her, but he just believes that he has matured, and that si what the difference is, and that he has matured faster than he was expecting. 

Now, both of his parents are extremely proud of him, for what he has recently accomplished. Dylan Young was named the runner-up homecoming king, for the seniors, with senior Adam Moore being the homecoming king. “Well, I think there ought to be a vote recount. I think I want to protest that, since my son came in second. I think he’s a perfect son. All jokes aside, I think that I was extremely happy for him, and I’m happy for the person that won,” said Ed Young, “I think he (Dylan Young) was surprised that he got runner-up, you know; I think he (Dylan Young) was very excited about.” Dana Young knows that it’s usually the athletes that get those ‘homecoming-king’ titles, but bowling’s getting up there as an athletic sport, and she is just really happy that her son got on the court.

Beck could just tell her that it made her boyfriend happy, and she was really proud of him. “He liked it a lot, and I could tell it made him, like, really happy that he had been doing it,” said Beck, “I’d say pretty big (passionate about it). I think he just wanted to get out there more, and do something different, other than just post about his truck or, he just wanted to get out there more, like, school-wise.” Dylan Young wants to be an automotive technician or electrician, with him already knowing how to work on cars, and he really likes his 2004 Ford Ranger 4×4 truck, that he customized partly himself, which he posts about.

Dylan Young was surprised that he got to be runner-up for the basketball homecoming, for the seniors, because he just didn’t really think that he was going to go that far. “I think it’s pretty good. I honestly didn’t even expect me to go that far, to be honest. I was just happy to be on the court, for real; just, like, I did it for many reasons: to show people, like, a lot of people didn’t know who I was, and someone like me can make it up there,” said Dylan Young, “I was pretty passionate. I mean, I know my buddies probably got mad at me, a little bit, but, like, I kept asking them, to like, ‘Hey, vote for me and stuff.’ I know you were one of them, and stuff, like, you know, I know it probably annoyed them, but I’m glad they were there to support me, for it.” 

Also, in the same week that Dylan Young was named the ‘homecoming king runner-up,’ he was also one of the members of the “Student Shoutout of the Week,” that is picked by the principal, or someone in a high position, at the school. He was a student shoutout, and the rest of the bowling team was, for what they had accomplished, with the perfect game. “I thought it (getting to be a part of the student shoutout was pretty cool). You know, because bowling’s really jumped up this year. We’ve bowled a 300, won the North Bullitt team tournament thing, and now we’re regional champions,” said Dylan Young. Neither of his parents, or his girlfriend, knew about the ”Student Shoutout” thing, and him being a part of it, until it was brought up in the interview, but all three of them are very happy for him, that he got that recognition for that shoutout, and the homecoming king runner-up.

Inside of school, Dylan Young does pretty well. He’s an ‘A and B’ student (with an occasional ‘C,’ according to Ed Young), but it has been that way throughout his whole school career. “I’m pretty good (with grades). I’ve been A’s and B’s, and just keep up my grades. Just, sometimes, I don’t have time, but I always try to make time for it. Keep my grades up, so I can stay bowling with my team,” said Dylan Young. Dylan Young, as I’ve said multiple times, is the best bowler on the Bullitt East High School bowling team. 

This season, Dylan Young has been part of the team that has made ‘Bullitt East history’ four times (six times, actually, but these other two times, he wasn’t a part of the group that accomplished it). He was one of the five bowlers that bowled a perfect baker’s game, (alongside senior Logan Parrish, junior Adam Young, sophomore Austin Hale and freshman David Scholtz), he was part of the team that won the North Bullitt tournament, he was part of the team that won the region three Regionals tournament, and he is part of the team that went to the state tournament Feb. 7. So, all four of those things, Dylan Young has been a part of, and they have all made ‘Bullitt East history.’ “I think it (the 300 game) was pretty cool, considering I was the last person to complete that 300; is very stressful, you know, going up there shaking, taking deep breaths, inhaling, exhaling, trying to calm myself down. You know, it‘s just, for me, I was surprised I was able to do it,” said Dylan Young. Ed Young, Dana Young, and Beck agree that it was a lot of pressure on him, with him having to bowl the tenth frame, meaning he had to bowl one strike, in the fifth frame, and three strikes in a row, the tenth frame, but they all just thought it was really cool. 

Bowling coach Lenny Raley also agrees that getting the perfect bakers game was an unbelievable feat, and something that he will never forget. “Well, it’s still almost unbelievable, because it was perfection, and the fact that five different kids, contributed to that score. So, it’s alternating frames, you bowl two frames each, and then Dylan Young, had to finish it off with two extra frames. So, the pressure was tremendous, as they got closer, and closer, to doing it. And so, the fact that they were able to manage their nerves, and stay focused, and just stay in the moment, was just huge, and, you know, everybody that I talked to, like that is just unbelievable. So, it is believable, because I was there, but it’s almost unbelievable to just imagine that,” said Raley. Raley also thinks that it was awesome, and definitely fun to win the North Bullitt tournament, which was just three days after this perfect baker’s game. 

Dylan Young also had a great time at the North Bullitt tournament, at which they won the whole thing. “It (the North Bullitt tournament) was pretty good, because, you know, everyone got to get a good chance. Everyone switched out, everyone bowled good, that day, and stuff, and, you know, it was just a great day,” said Dylan Young.

Ed Young was also very proud of Dylan Young, and the whole bowling team, for getting the North Bullitt tournament win. “I loved it. I mean, they all deserve it. They’ve had a rough time, you know, in the four years that he’s been bowling for Bullitt East, and it’s beautiful to see him succeed. You know, I’m happy for the whole team. I understand they get a banner up in the gym, now, you know, over that tournament win, and hopefully we’ll go to state, and get another one,” said Ed Young.

Dana Young, like Ed Young, is also very happy for the bowling team, but she’s also just happy they beat North Bullitt High School, because they have always just been the ones to beat. “It’s great, because North Bullitt, they have, all four years, they have been ones to beat. I mean, I think we have beat them one other time, but it wasn’t, I guess you could say, it’s just one other time. I mean, North Bullitt has been very, very good, all four years,” said Dana Young, “I mean, most teams, when they came up against us, they think, ’Oh it’s going to be an easy win,’ you know. And, this year, we have really proved them wrong. And, we have really succeeded very well this year, and I’m very happy. I mean, a little late for my son; I mean his senior year, but hopefully the program will continue to grow and do good.”

Raley was very happy to see the team win the regionals tournament, and he thinks that the state tournament will go just fine. “Well, Dylan has been our anchor all year, and we’ve had to call on him, a couple times, in the region, to close it out, or do something special, and he did that. And so, I’m very proud of him, because that is a lot of extra pressure, to be the last guy to close it out. But he’s managed that extremely well,” said Raley, “To step up, and throw strike, after strike, after strike. It’s just a testament to who he is, and the fact that we know we have somebody really strong, there in that last spot. You know, this Friday is just show up, and do it again. I mean, try not to put pressure on them. There’s a lot of talk, about, you know, ‘You guys (Bullitt East) might do extremely well,’ and I hope that we do. So, the key is you’re just staying relaxed.” Ed Young, Dana Young and Beck, are all also very happy for the team, and their win at the regional tournament, and they all are confident that they’ll do just fine in the state tournament. 

Raley also believes that Dylan Young has contributed quite a few things for the bowling team, this year, and this season.“His leadership has been strong. Not only does he take care of himself, in a match, but he’s always encouraging the other younger bowlers, and giving them advice, congratulating them on a good job, and trying to keep them steady, as well. So, that’s huge, you almost need someone, besides the coach, a team member to do those things, and he has willingly done that. And besides doing a great job for himself, he’s done a great job for our team,” said Raley, “Dylan has been tremendous, and, you know, I’ve called him several things. He just is steady, and solid, and seems like he’s got ice water in his veins. So, great kid, I’m proud of him, for what he’s accomplished, and how he’s led our team this year.”

Dylan Young is very happy about what happened at the regional tournament, just as much as Raley is, and he thinks that the state tournament will go just fine. “Oh, regionals, we just did outstanding. Like, no one thought Bullitt East High School would be up there, but we proved everyone wrong; especially DeSales, considering they were the number one seed, and we were the very last seed, to come up from the very bottom, to beat them, to be number one in the region,” said Dylan Young, “I think we’ll still be doing great. I mean, we know it’s, like, the best teams in everyone’s region, but I still think we can overcome it, because, I mean, usually DeSales goes there, and they’re pretty good, and so if they can do it, I know we can go up there, and prove everyone wrong; that we can do it again.” Dylan Young plans on coming back, for the Bullitt East bowling team, as much as he possibly can, and he’s hoping that Raley “lets (him help coach) next year; I might try, and help him coach, everyone next year, and stuff in the future.” 

Dylan just believes that you just always have to push, and keep on pusiste, and never quit, if you want to be good at something you love. “Well, I mean, just, always believe in yourself, you know, don’t doubt yourself, make sure you have the right people in your life, that keeps pushing you, and pushing you, to your max, and stuff, because everyone can always improve, and stuff, and just never quit,” said Dylan Young.