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This is Brodie Curtsinger and he is a junior. It is his second year on the staff, and he is the sports editor. He is taking journalism because he wants to spread out information to the public, and make the community more connected. He is on the Academic Team for Bullitt East High School. 

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Senior Adam Young, junior Austin Hale, and sophomore David Scholtz, all getting ready to bowl, from the Jan. 29 North Bullitt match. These are three of the key, and main, players, from the bowling team. Young plans to become better at bowling by, “Just getting in the alley, and practicing more,” Young said.

Still No Full Win

February 22, 2021
Junior Jacob Maggard mowing grass (bottom photo), junior Emma Wright taking photos (top left), and senior Bailey Korfhage hand-painting a porch leaner. These three students have all created businesses doing the three activities, you see above. If you had asked me if my business was successful back when I started it, I would have said that it wasnt even a business. At first it really was just a way to make a little money, and give people these welcome and home signs, that brought some joy during the pandemic. Although, now, I am really getting into a successful business. Its profitable, but not overpriced, and Ive had over 100 orders in four months, Korfhage said.

Creating Their Own Jobs

October 30, 2020
Senior Receiver Daniel Gilbert jumping and bumping his teammate. Gilbert scored two touchdowns out of the four touchdowns scored by Bullitt East. “It was a great feeling (scoring two out of the four touchdowns); not just for me, but to see my other brothers, and receivers, scoring and catching footballs, is just as great,” said Gilbert.

Tackling Wins The Game

October 5, 2020

Fours Years Of Magic

October 1, 2020

[VIDEO] Twin Telepathy

September 14, 2020
Senior Dylan Young holding the “300 Pin (Perfect Game)” trophy. At the Louisville City Tournament, Jan. 11, 2020; Young, senior Logan Parrish, junior Adam Young, sophomore Austin Hale and freshman David Scholtz, played a bakers match, and made history, and scored a perfect game, with 12 strikes in a row. “I think it (getting the 300 game) was pretty cool, considering I was the last person to complete that 300; is very stressful, you know, going up there shaking, taking deep breaths, inhaling, exhaling, trying to calm myself down. You know, it‘s just, for me, I was surprised I was able to do it,” said Dylan Young.

The Best of the Best

February 7, 2020
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Brodie Curtsinger