NTI Is Leaving Teachers To Find New Ways To Teach Students

Emma Whitehouse, Photography Editor

Everyone and everything is changing and adapting.

With COVID-19 spreading across the nation, schools are having to move from classrooms to the comfort of home.

Schools are replacing normal teaching with Non-Traditional Instruction, also called NTI. Teachers are having to find new ways to reach out to their students to make sure they are still getting the same kind of education as before. According to different students, there are some teachers who found effective ways, but some are lacking behind.

Students have been completing school using NTI, which is all on their chromebooks. The school day is from 8:15am to 3:15pm. During that time period, teachers are supposed to be available and are quick to access if a student needs assistance.

Teachers have been struggling to find a balance of making sure their students are still getting the same amount of learning in, but in a whole new setting. “The hardest struggle has been adjusting to a brand new way of teaching. I do a lot of question and answer type lectures and hands on learning. I can’t really do either of those,” said teacher Kenneth Hughes.

Teachers had to find a new way of teaching under short notice. Some teachers have been using zoom and social media to stay in better contact with students to make sure they are understanding and completing their work. “My teachers have used social media that they know we use to contact us. For example, my child services teacher created a Tik Tok and Instagram account so she is able to check in on us and keep updated. My other teachers have gone live and interacted with us on there and some have done zoom calls to help teach us the content better,” said sophomore Ally Lawson.

Some teachers have gotten creative with ways to connect with their students. “I am also delivering birthday bags to students on their birthdays (or around their birthdays) so that I can be consistent with that from this school year. Birthdays are very special to me and I want my students to still feel I care about them and that their birthday is important to me,” said teacher Stephanie Brock.

While some teachers are finding effective ways to keep their students motivated and educated, others are falling short. Some students complain about how their teachers are not explaining the new material they are learning or some teachers are giving them busy work. “I believe teachers should improve on not making their assignments so long Bc from personal experience from the minute I wake up till 6:00 pm I’m working on NTI work and it’s dreadful. Some students have resorted to copying others work Bc teachers assign so much work it’s overwhelming,” said sophomore Molly Phelps.

Governor Andy Bersher announced Monday that all Kentucky schools will not be returning to in-school learning for the rest of the school year. Although it is not certain yet, some are predicting for NTI to continue into the new school year.