This is Where we Stand

Editorial Board

To our readers, 

The Livewire’s core values as a staff read as the following: value everyone, everything and every opinion and build leaders not followers. Treat everyone like they deserve to be covered and to strive to do better than what is expected.

During this time of uproar in the country for the Black Lives Matter movement, we have come back to this statement many times to reflect and assure ourselves on where we stand. Let it be known that we will always support a fight for equality and justice not only in our own community, but anywhere it may be. 

We make the following promises to you: 

We are going to value everyone, everything and every opinion: we stand with our school’s black students, faculty and community during this time. We value the perspectives and feelings that you all behold that we cannot even begin to understand. But we stand with you. 

We are going to strive to do better than what is expected: the Livewire staff will not stay silent during the summer break. We are still going to publish new content to connect our community. We are going to find new ways to reach out to all of our students, and make every single one of their voices heard. 

We are going to build leaders, not followers: as the student publication for Bullitt East High School, we value the ability to exercise your first amendment rights. You have the right to speak your mind, assemble, protest, and petition the government at a local, state or national level. We hope that all of our students take action to exercise their freedoms in some way. 

As a public forum, anyone in the school community can submit their work to be published. We want to re-emphasize this opportunity for our readers. No matter the opinion or side you are coming from, we want to make your voice heard. What can you say that nobody else can? What do you know, what perspective do you have, that is different from everyone else? We believe that discussion with others and hearing from people who think differently is important in developing your own thoughts and opinions. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Be safe, be smart, be heard, 

The Livewire Editorial Board

* Email [email protected] with any inquiries about having your own opinion published.