Girls Golf Weekly Recap

Karley Dugas, Photography Editor

The girl’s golf team prepares for the upcoming regional tournament at Elizabethtown Country Club.

To prepare for the tournament, the girls had a match on Wednesday at Elizabethtown Country Club. There was no overall team winner because the team didn’t play enough to qualify as a team.

They did have some new players, sophomore Raegan Jackson and freshman Taylor Young, who competed in their first match Wednesday. Jackson shot 67, Young shot 77, and junior Shelby Hatter shot 69. Coach Larry Steinmetz is happy that the new players got some experience. ¨Region will be back at Elizabethtown in three years, so it’s good to get those girls some experience on that course,” Steinmetz said.

The next event for the team will be Tuesday, Sept. 28 at Elizabethtown Country Club.