Skating Into The Hearts of Many


Brodie Curtsinger

Junior Daniel Biggs doing an ollie over a staircase. Biggs has been skateboarding for around ten months, and he enjoys doing many tricks, such as the kickflip, and the ollie. “I enjoy skateboarding more myself, because I’m actually skating. Yeah, I do (enjoy watching other skateboarders),” said Biggs, “My favorite trick is probably the kickflip. Probably my favorite one. (He likes) how difficult it is, and, like, how I can overcome that.”

Brodie Curtsinger, Sports Editor

Skate-bored over quarantine. 

Over the past few months, during the COVID-19 pandemic, skateboarding has become more popular than it’s ever been.

This is the most popular skateboarding has ever been since ‘the golden age of skating.’ Skateboarding doesn’t always mean ramps and tricks, but it can. Everyone seems to enjoy skateboarding, just as much as each other. 

Patrik Schmidle is the president of Action Watch, a company that takes information from skateboard shops, and makes statistics. According to Schmidle, he guesses that there will be at least a million new skaters, by the end of 2020. 

According to, owner of Skate One George Powell, said in an interview: “We have not seen this big a surge in skating since the ‘golden age of skateboarding’ that occurred between 1983 and 1989.” 

Although the pandemic has seemed to help skateboarding, more than not, it is hurting the most popular skater of all time, Tony Hawk. In May of 2020, Hawk’s net worth is $140 million. “I honestly have lost a lot of business recently. I do a lot of skate events and a lot of speaking engagements. And really a lot of that’s my bread and butter. So, they’ve all been obviously canceled,” said Hawk, in an interview with CNBC.

There are many reasons why skateboarding has taken the world by surprise, again. Some of those reasons include the free time we have experienced, it is a way of exercising, it is easily accessible, it is socially accepted, and a way of transportation. 

Junior Daniel Biggs is a skateboarder that enjoys doing tricks. “My favorite trick is probably the kickflip. Probably my favorite one. (He likes) how difficult it is, and, like, how I can overcome that,” said Biggs, “I used to do it a lot, (use skateboarding as a mode of transportation), and then I got a car and I got lazy. So, then, I started driving.” Biggs used to actually enjoy using it as a mode of transportation.

Biggs gained interest in skating back in January of 2020. Since then, he has loved practicing the sport, and has a blast doing it. The reason Biggs enjoys skating so much, is because it’s fun, and it’s addictive, in his opinion.

Biggs enjoys watching skateboarders skateboarding, but doesn’t enjoy it as much as he likes doing the activity, himself. “I enjoy skateboarding more myself, because I’m actually skating. Yeah, I do (enjoy watching other skateboarders),” said Biggs.

Although many people associate skateboarding with male teenagers, plenty of female skaters are also emerging. One of those skaters is Senior Brynna Crump. “It makes me so excited to see more female skaters showing up. It’s important that everyone sees skateboarding as inclusive, and not so male-dominated, that girls can’t follow their passion for it. Getting to see little girls finding their places up at the park, makes me so happy,” said Crump. 

Crump enjoys skating because it helps bond her and her friends. “I’m interested in both tricks, and riding around, but probably more of just riding around. I love the accomplishment of learning something new, but I feel more rewarded when I get to just ride around, and listen to music with my friends. It’s more of a bonding experience for me, than anything,” said Crump, “I love watching skating more than I actually love doing it. I grew up watching my uncle skate a lot, and now I get to go to the skatepark, and watch my best friends do the same. It’s definitely been one of the things that has helped bond us the most, which I’m so grateful for.” Crump started skating not too long ago, but she has always loved watching skating. 

Crump doesn’t really use her hobby of skateboarding as a mode of transportation. “I wouldn’t really say I use it as a mode of transportation. The only place that I ride to is the skatepark, which is right next to my best friend’s house. I mostly take my car places, even to the skatepark, because it’s more convenient,” said Crump, “I would say that I mostly just do it when I feel like it. Right now, I’m actually recovering from breaking my wrist. I do always love to watch, and dedicate my time to it though.” Crump would call herself pretty dedicated to the sport. 

Crump enjoys skating with her friends more than anything else. Skating has brought so many people together, from them doing tricks, to them just riding around.