Ending The Season With Joyful Sadness


Rebecca Watts

Senior quarterback Aeron Adams throwing the football, as the other team tries to tackle. Adams was one of the main key players, for this season of football. “The atmosphere, and playing football, are going to be what I miss most about high school football,” said Adams.

Brodie Curtsinger and Tawney Noyes

Play-offs to off-season.

Due to the outcome of the play-offs, the Bullitt East football season ended.

Male High School won Friday night, with a score of 57-7. Head Coach Ethan Atchley is proud of how the team played, this season. Seniors were upset the season ended this way, but they made great memories along the way.

The football season for 2020 started with a game against Christian Academy-Louisville on Sept. 11. While the team lost that game, they pulled together for the next game and won against Bullitt Central 48-21. The team would continue this win-lose pattern for the rest of the season. 

The team faced off against nine different schools and played eleven games. They had an overall total of five wins and six losses. Among those losses was the North Bullitt game for the Bullitt Cup. The game went into overtime and North Bullitt won with one extra point (60-59). This was the most devastating loss, but not the biggest loss since we only lost by one point.

The game on Nov. 27 against Male was the biggest loss for Bullitt East yet. Earlier in the season, when they faced against Male, they lost by 49 (49-0), but they lost by 50 this time. 

Atchley is proud of how the players played this season. “I’m so proud of these players, especially the seniors who have been my favorite senior group, I’ve ever had the pleasure to coach,” Atchley said, “For everything that 2020 has brought I’m ecstatic that we got to be only one of 16 teams in the entire state to play a full schedule of games.” Atchley is also very happy that they got to play their whole season.

Atchley is really proud of the seniors. “Those upperclassmen embraced the younger players who had to play a lot more out of necessity in our sophomore and freshman groups,” Atchley said, “I’m really going to miss this senior group that we have hung our hat on for much of two seasons especially with a great couple of skilled kids like Bryce Clements and Daniel Gilbert.”

Atchley believes that we had a pretty good season. “In the North Bullitt overtime loss we put up nearly 700 yards of offense and as the season progressed we started to find our groove more. Daniel Gilbert and Travis Egan both set school records in their performances that night. Travis Egan had one of the better years of any sophomore QB across the state of Kentucky statistically and played well vs. Male last Friday,” Atchley said.

Atchley noticed some challenges that they had to overcome for the season. “With one of the youngest teams in the state of Kentucky not having the usual time in the summer to prepare for the season both in the weight room and practice specifically, it definitely added to the chaos of getting ready for a season unlike any other,” Atchley said.

Senior quarterback Aeron Adams is proud of the team and where they are today. “I am proud of this team for who we have become, and the fight, and effort, we played with. We just need to, now, improve in the off-season, and get better.” Adams said. Adams thinks that being together and winning games are the best memories of his final season on the team. 

Senior receiver Bryce Clements is also proud of how the team has grown. “You know, you don’t see many years like this, and we fought through it, and it makes me even more proud, because this program is going to continue to succeed, and get better, and better, each year.” Clements said. Clements is proud of the whole team for overcoming all the challenges this year threw at them. 

With this being Clements’ senior year, he is leaving behind a big part of his life. “It’s a tough thing, now that it’s gone, but overall, I wouldn’t change anything I did.” Clements said. He said that he is going to miss the team and playing with all of them.