Talents Turned Into Possible Careers


Brodie Curtsinger

Senior Megan Weihe playing her tennis racquet, like a guitar, wearing a tennis shirt, and a pair of blue jeans. Weihe is a multi-talented person, ranging from the sport of, to the art form of singing. “I feel like they’re (her talents) very different, for me, in that: tennis is an escape from the world, and my emotions, and music is expressing my emotions, and how I feel,” said Weihe.

Brodie Curtsinger, Sports Editor

Weihe is she so good at singing and tennis?

Senior Megan Weihe has many talents, especially when it comes to tennis and singing country music.

Weihe plays on the girls tennis team. Not only is she on the team, but she will soon be on the Cumberlands University college Women’s Tennis team. Weihe is also talented in the art of singing.

Weihe started playing tennis when she was only 5 years old. “I started taking tennis lessons, when I was five, at the Louisville Tennis Center; I’ve tried other sports, throughout the years, but tennis was always the one that stuck with me. Then, in eighth grade, I joined the school team, at Bullitt East, and I’ve been playing on that team ever since. Then, for the past two years, I’ve been on a Fall league, with some other people from school,” Weihe said

Weihe practices tennis quite often. “In the summer, I typically go, and practice more, because it’s warm outside, and I typically like to play on outdoor courts,” Weihe said, “I enjoy playing, and I want to get better. So, the only way to do that, is by playing more.” During the school season, Weihe practices Monday through Thursday.

Boys Tennis Coach Dustin Armstrong has helped coach girls tennis before, whenever the coach would be absent. “I’ve only helped with the girls team here, and there; like, run a practice, or coach a match, when the Girls’ coach couldn’t make it, but that rarely happens,” Armstrong said. Even though he rarely coaches the girls tennis team, Armstrong has known Weihe since her freshman year. 

Armstrong sees Weihe as a very talented, and solid, tennis player. “She’s improved in her consistency, and that just comes with good repetition, like in any sport. Being consistent is so important in tennis,” Armstrong said, “Megan is a solid player. She’ll be one of the better players in the region, because of her experience, and she can hit with some pace.” Armstrong wants to say, “Congratulations to her (Weihe),” for the fact she’ll be playing tennis in college.

Weihe is excited that she got accepted into Cumberlands University, and she will be majoring in business administration, and minoring in music. “It’s a smaller town, which is what I wanted; not too far away, but still far away to where I don’t feel so close to home. I’m not sure what I want to do, but right now, I’m going to major in business administration, and minor in music,” Weihe said, “I’m really excited to be on the Cumberlands tennis team, and I met the coach, and he’s really nice; I love his values. I think being on a college team will challenge me physically in my tennis skills, but also mentally. I’m also excited to be part of a team, because I’ll meet new people, and make friends; create new bonds,” It makes Weihe feel pretty excited that she got accepted onto a college tennis team. 

Weihe has always known she wanted to continue tennis after high school. “I think I’ve known my whole life, that I enjoy doing tennis. So, it only makes sense to want to continue doing it, and continue growing my skills,” Weihe said.

Weihe does get nervous when doing certain things publicly, but she’s okay with that. “I definitely still get nervous, sometimes, when I do sing in front of people, but I think that the nerves are good. It keeps you humble. College-wise, I am kind of taking it day-by-day, I don’t know what I’m doing; I’m glad I’m accepted somewhere. I have the resources, and people around me, to help, choose, what I want to do, for the future,” Weihe said. 

Weihe is also a talented singer, who practices singing quite often. “How I practice music is: I’ll hear a song that I really like, and then I’ll sit down and learn to play it. Then, through that process I learn different notes, and tools, I need to learn my song, and then information, over time,” Weihe said, “I feel like it (country) fits my voice good, and I like it. But I do play a variety of music, different genres; not just country.” Country is her favorite genre to sing.

Weihe started publicly singing, in the school talent show, at her elementary school. “Well, I’ve done the school talent shows; elementary school through High school. But actually, around eighth grade, I started singing in the church, in the worship band. Then in ninth grade, I started singing at the new church, and that’s where I picked up guitar. Around the same time, I started gigs at Derby City Pizza, and the car shows in town,” Weihe said, “I started taking lessons in ninth grade, from a lady named Miss Lynn, and I met her through church. She was the person that, kind of, pushed me to play publicly, because she recognized my talents, and she knew, deep-down, that I wanted to perform.” 

“I started out singing Derby City, just during peoples breaks, and I didn’t get paid for it, which I was fine with, because I enjoyed doing it. But then, the first time I got my own gig, singing by myself, and I got paid for it, that’s when I realized, like: ‘I can actually; I can do this. I can make a living off of music. I can pursue this for the future,’” Weihe said. 

Director of the church choir Royce Lurie, sees Weihe as a great singer. “Megan has grown so much, as a vocalist, in the time I have known her, and has a beautiful and unique sounding voice. She also has great natural ability for pitch, and finding a natural third harmony to sing with others,” Lurie said, “Megan is developing into a great young guitarist, continuing to advance her musician-ship, and overall understanding of new chords, and how music is truly made every day.” Lurie sees Weihe as a great guitarist, as well. 

Lurie met Weihe around three and a half years ago. “Megan is developing into a great young guitarist, continuing to advance her musician-ship, and overall understanding of new chords, and how music is truly made every day,” Lurie said, “Megan’s unique voice, soulful musical depth, and willingness to work hard at playing guitar, make her a very special combination of natural raw talent, and hard working gumption. I believe Megan could do anything she sets her mind to; including being a professional musician, if she should choose that path.” Lurie sees Weihe as a hard working, detail-oriented, and overall good person.

Also, senior Cheyenne Terrell is one of the many people, who have noticed how great Weihe is, at singing. “I have not heard Megan sing a song, that didn’t give me goosebumps. I can’t even sing in the car with her, because I feel like I should just listen to her. I do know that Megan puts her whole effort when she’s singing. You can hear and see it” Terrell said. 

Weihe is not just talented in singing, and tennis; she is also talented in being a kind person. Terrell is one of Weihe’s best friends, for a little over a year now, and has noticed how kind is. “She’s such a unique person. There’s literally no one else like her. She’s always so happy, and positive, and that’s refreshing to be around. We’re always laughing over absolutely nothing,” Terrell said, “Megan is definitely a caring friend. She’s there to talk about anything, and do anything to help.”

After taking into consideration all of her talents, and things she keeps up with, this is how her day typically goes, according to Weihe: “Well, I guess I haven’t had a normal day in a life, in a while, but before Corona, I would wake up, go to school, and I wasn’t working at the time. I started working at Kroger, in the Summer, but after school, I usually go home. When it’s tennis season, I have, like, 30 minutes to get a snack, and then go to tennis practice, and then I’ll come home, and play music, eat dinner, and homework, if I have it.”

“This is a tough question. Music has always been my dream, like that is the only thing I can see myself, doing, for the rest of my life. But I know it’s important to have back-up plans, so as of right now, I’m just going to go to college, with a business administration major, a music minor, and see where that takes me. I’ll go from there,” Weihe said.