Struggling With The New Way to Bowl


Brodie Curtsinger

Senior Adam Young bowling, to pick up the spare. Young had to step into the big shoes today, to fill the shoes of the two seniors, from last year. ““I mean, it might be better. A lot of people expect me to do better, because we lost seniors last year; the two best players, last year. They expect me to step it up, and try to get it done, and that is what I’m going to try to do,” Young said.

Brodie Curtsinger, Sports Editor

Luck and skill was not with the team today.

Their scores showed the fact there was not very many strikes, and spares, from the team.

The first game of the season was Jan. 29 against North Bullitt High School. Coach Lenny Raley believes the game today went alright, and he hopes that the loss will bring motivation. Senior Adam Young believes that the team can improve, and will only continue to get better.

The scores were decent, during the seeding round, and the practice round, with the average being around mid-100’s. Although, the team truly picked up the pace when it came into the real match, against the Eagles, but still lost, with a score of 225-196. 

The five members that played the baker’s games, consisted of Young, he bowled frames five and ten, junior Austin Hale he bowled frames four and nine, seventh grader Maria Shofner, she bowled frames one and six, freshman Jake Shofner, he bowled frames two and seven, and sophomore David Scholtz, he bowled frames three and eight.

Raley hopes to only improve, as they go to face North Bullitt, again. “It was disappointing. Obviously, it is way more pleasing to win, than lose. But they totally dominated us and now we have to move forward, and keep believing we are good enough, which we are,” Raley said, “Obviously, we did not bowl well. We have three bowlers who have just started, and this was the first match ever for them. We will take this, and use it as motivation going forward.” Raley sees the way in which his team played today, as a little bad, but they think it brought motivation.

Raley has noticed how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the season. “The biggest difference was that the two teams were separated, but that did not affect anything. North Bullitt has a strong team, and they bowled well,” Raley said, “We will get better. We will need to become more consistent. Every pin matters. Getting more experience on the lanes, with the new bowlers, will help. Our veterans have to step up, and be strong leaders. I believe that we will figure it out by region. I believe in them.” Based on the information given from their first few practices, and their first game, today, Raley thinks this season will go pretty good, if they improve, stay motivated, and become more consistent. 

One of the highlights from today, in Raley’s opinion, was the fact that he hopes the team will be more determined to get better. “I was pleased with how the three newcomers handled themselves. I see progress every team we get together. The vets tried to stay positive, but when things do not go your way, it is hard. I know how much they want to do well. So maybe with eye opening loss, they will become more determined to getting better,” Raley said. 

Young hopes to beat North Bullitt the next time in which they face them. “I mean, it’s our rival team, and you always want to beat them. We beat them last year, but we’re not last year; we’re better this year, and we’re going to try to beat them again,” Young said, “It wasn’t too bad, but it was maybe a little bit choppy, but it’s the first game; some people are new people, that don’t know what it’s like, and got to get used to it. You got to bowl once in a while, especially with COVID underways, it’s going to be done differently.” Young sees their playing today as a little choppy, and also sees that they missed some of their spares. 

Young has also noticed, like Raley, how much the COVID-19 pandemic has affected, and pushed back, the season. “I mean, it’s the first game we’ve had in over a year, and with COVID, and all that, the season’s been pushed back, a lot,” Young said.

Young plans to improve by just practicing more, and figuring out what he can do better. “Practice on Wednesday; try to get better, figure out what I did wrong, and next game, I’ll try to do better,” Young said, “Probably our baker’s match. We did decently in our baker’s match: 196, and that’s pretty good. If we picked up our spares, it would have been better. Baker’s are going to be what matters this year.” He believes that the team did the best during the baker’s match. 

The next game will be Feb. 4, against North Bullitt, at Ken Bowl.