Feared Fighter to a Strong Survivor Book


Jenna Tipton

Screenshot from “Feared Fighter to a Strong Survivor”’s Front and Back Cover.

Brodie Curtsinger, Sports Editor

Never give up.

Through the challenges, author Brodie Curtsinger had to work extremely hard to write and create a full book within three weeks, and “never give up.”

What inspired Curtsinger to write the book and what is the book about? Who is the book directed towards? How can you buy the book and how much does it cost?

Hello, I’m Brodie Curtsinger, and as well as being the Sports Editor for Livewire, I am also the author and creator behind the “Feared Fighter To A Strong Survivor” book. I started suffering from mental health disorders back in early 2016 and many things have happened since 2016 regarding my mental health, such as surviving seven suicide attempts, multiple times of suicidal thoughts and self harm, two times in a mental hospital, gone through four counselors and a psychological evaluation. 

For the first time in my life though, since 2015 when I was only age 11, my anxiety along with all my other mental health disorders are now seeming to be improving. Considering of this realization of improvement to some extent, I decided to get a tattoo themed around my mental health. Jan. 20 was the day I got the tattoo, and also the day that inspired me to write this book.

In the comment of the Instagram post, I would mention what the tattoo meant to me, and also what I had been through mentally. Most important of all though, I would mention that I’m going to continue to try and fight through my mental struggles and battles even though what I had already been through. This inspired many people whether it be adults to teens, best friends to strangers, people who were open about their mental health to people who kept it secret, suicide survivors to people who just started suffering mentally, and much much more. There were over 100 people who reacted to the Instagram post saying that what I had said had inspired them.

I then realized and thought to myself, “Wow. If such a short little bit of my mental health can help inspire that many people, I wonder how many people my full story can inspire.” That is what overall inspired me to create “Feared Fighter To A Strong Survivor.” Also, from that quote, you could probably assume what this book is about: it is the full story behind what I have been through mentally.

An excerpt from my book better describes this: “I am, by all means, no professional when it comes to anything that I will talk about in this book. I am just a newly-turned-adult male that has been through quite the whirlwind of mental health battles, and I will speak from my experiences. When people read this book, all I want is for them to feel like they’re not alone in this world, that they can relate to somebody out there, and be able to talk about it knowing the person they’re talking to has walked in their shoes before.”

This excerpt from the book also very well describes the audience that this book is directed towards. It is directed towards people who have struggled mentally, people who are struggling mentally, people who want to know more about people who may be struggling mentally, and overall, it is directed towards everybody. No matter who you are

Therefore, how and where can you buy the book and how much does it cost? Contact me at any of the following options: phone number: (502) 504-6750, email: [email protected], Instagram: @brodiecurtsinger, and Snapchat: @brodiecurtsingr. Me and you can meet up and you can pay me through cash or a check.

To pre-order the book (before May 20), it is $10 for one book, $15 for one signed book, $16 for two books, $24 for two signed books, $21 for three books and $10 for three signed books. The price stays stagnant for more copies than three.

After May 20, it is $15 for one book, $20 for one signed book, $26 for two books, $39 for two signed books, $36 for three books and $45 for three signed books. Once again, the price stays stagnant for more copies than three.