Thank You Scholastic Journalism; For Everything


Tawney Noyes

Senior Brodie Curtsinger wearing his Livewire Press shirt ,and his ‘That Livewire Sports Guy’ baseball cap, while also holding his camera equipment, his steno-pad used during interviews, and his recently published book that he is very proud of: “Feared Fighter To A Strong Survivor.”

Brodie Curtsinger, Sports Editor

Gone, but not forgotten.

As I end my senior year after having been involved in the journalism program for the last four years, I might be leaving, but I will never forget what it gave me.

What brought me into journalism was my interest in writing. My main progression in the field of journalism has been in the field of sports, and also stepping up into a role of leadership. As I graduate, the experience I’ve gained will forever carry with me.

From around seven years old to around 13 years old, the hobby in which I would mainly partake in would be that of writing as an author. At 13yearsold, though, I would lose interest in writing, and start gaining interest in another hobby: card magic. I would be a magician for five years, quitting Sept. 24, 2021. During this five year span of being a magician though, was the first three years of my high school experience, as well as the last two years of my middle school experience.

My eighth grade year, counselor Savannah Richardson came to Mount Washington Middle School. All eighth graders were handed a paper with all of the different electives we could take. My eye instantly caught, “Intro to Journalism.” Although I had never wanted to be a journalist, four years prior I had wanted to be an author, and considering journalism fits the theme of writing and so does being an author, I decided to take the class.

When I walked into room 606, and met the teacher, Larry Steinmetz, I was shocked to say the least. Steinmetz was so laid back, and I had never seen this from any other teacher throughout my entire past school life. Little did I know, it was because he was in charge of a student-run class, and also, little did I know, I would become a major part of this class for the rest of my time in high school. I thought all I would do in the class would be to write, but other than that, I had no idea what the class would have in store. 

“Intro to Journalism,” started teaching me how to write more professionally, how to do photography, how to talk to people without being nervous, do interviews and overall grow into a mature young man. Talking to people had always been a struggle for my younger self, and I remember: Whenever I first applied to join the Livewire staff just as a staff writer, I wasn’t sure I would be approved due to my nervousness. Although, I was accepted, and Livewire would help me become someone completely different compared to the person who walked into that room his freshman year.

When I was accepted, I didn’t know what my role on the staff was. Some people were better at design than others, some people were better at photography than others, some people were better at sports coverage than others, but I was only just okay at writing. Then, one of the very first things we did in the class was start covering the fall sports season. I absolutely fell in love to say the least, and knew that, without a shadow of a doubt, that that was what was meant for me. 

My junior year came, and from what I had seen my sophomore year and from how I had been able to grow, I decided to apply for the Sports Editor position, and I would get the role. I would remain Sports Editor throughout my entire junior year as well as my senior year, but just like many things that had happened through Livewire at this point in time, I had another surprise that would be in store for me: the Quill and Scroll Honors Society. 

The Quill and Scroll Honors Society was a group of people meant for only the best of the best student journalists on the Yearbook and Livewire staffs. You had to have done some superior work on your staff, be in the upper third of your graduating class in scholastic earning (GPA) and must be recommended by Steinmetz. I would have never thought that I would fit the position to where I would be allowed to join this group of people, but I definitely didn’t think that I would become a leader in the group.

My junior year, I was asked to join the Quill and Scroll Honors Society, and was asked by the President and Steinmetz, if I would like to become one of three Vice Presidents. Then came my senior year, where I would be elected President of the Bullitt East High School Quill and Scroll Honors Society Chapter 2021-2022.

Then, my senior year, a group was formed for the first year of its existence, known as Charged Media Solutions: a group of nine students who are experienced in Adobe programs who help the school and community with particular projects. I applied to be a part of this talented group of students, and got the part. Then, as we were putting together the staff and everybody’s positions, my position of being the Project Manager for Charged Media Solutions would come about, and I would remain in this position until the end of my senior year.

The surprise on my face when I got all of these positions, compared to who I was my sophomore year, brought me so much joy, and an ending to my time in journalism that I will always remember.

As I near the end of my senior year, what I’ve gained from my time on the Livewire staff, my time as one of three Vice Presidents and President of the Quill and Scroll Honors Society and Project Manager of Charged Media Solutions, is something I will always cherish. I can’t wait to show everyone my true talent of journalism, for this is the field in which I will be pursuing my career. I will be attending Western Kentucky University during the fall semester of 2022, majoring in broadcast journalism.

Thank you journalism, and thank you to my second family for creating the person you see standing here today. I don’t know where I would be without you. Here’s to pursuing my sports journalism career at Western Kentucky University.