Onto the Tournaments


Bibb looks at the softball in her hand before throwing it to the pitcher. Each game the girls worked collaboratively to achieve as much success as they could. “We’ve really played together, and we’ve really played our hearts out this season,” Bibb said.

Brandon Mudd, Staff Writer

Next up is state. 

The team is moving into their post-season where they’ll have a chance at making it to state. 

The season has come to an end, and the team is entering their post-season. They have high hopes for their performance. With the first tournament being Friday, May 20, the team has taken the time to reflect on their season and figure out what they need to continue to work on. 

This season the team started off with their brand new coach Bruce Pierce. “Coming together as a team with the new coach coming in is always a difficult change, but I feel like we all adapted well,” junior Peyton Bibb said. The comradery amongst the team was at an all time high this year, and the girls have really stepped up in all the roles they played on the team. 

Little things are what differentiate a good team from a great team, in players’ opinions. “I think we’ve done really well. We just need to focus on the small stuff,” junior Kimberly Perkins said. Things such as perfecting plays and paying closer attention to the game really add to the overall functionality and success of a team. 

The post-season tournaments will begin soon. “I think we’re ready. I think we have a good chance at making it pretty far,” Bibb said. The team has kept a positive outlook this whole season. “This year’s whole thing is energy, effort, and attitude,” Bibb said. The team thinks that focusing on these things and only worrying about controlling what they can has really led to their success. 

The girls’ most memorable game was against Butler. “Monday night we beat Assumption on our Senior Night, and that felt really good,” Perkins said. The game went on for six innings with the score coming out to 11-1. Earlier in the pre-season, they had all talked about how excited they were for the rematch after being kicked out of regionals following losing to them. “We ended up winning by just one run, and the game went on for eight innings,” Perkins said. The score was 16-15. This was a big motivator for the girls for the rest of the season and will continue to be for the tournament season. 

“I think us juniors are going to have to start stepping up and filling our roles. After this season our seniors will be gone and the leadership roles they played will be up to us now.” Bibb said. A strong leadership role is key to every good team, and the team will be losing some good ones with the seniors graduating after this year.

Despite losing some strong older players, the team has a strong base of younger ones to take their spots, in many players’ opinions. Eight-grader Molly Johnson is the team’s starting pitcher. “She’s so good. It’s crazy,” Bibb said. It’s looking like with the team having such good younger players like Johnson and slowly doing better and better each season, they have a bright future ahead of them.