Tough Start To The Season


Raegan Jackson

Junior Kim Perkins posing with her softball bat. This was an overall rough week for the softball team, but they have high hopes in plans for improvement. “I think it was just a great learning experience, and I’m really happy with how the season is gonna work out,” Perkins said.

Brodie Curtsinger, Sports Editor

Five innings all across the board.

Every game this week was cut to only five innings due to large deficits. 

March 22, they played against Male High School at home. March 23, they played atAnderson County High School. March 24, they played at home against DuPont Manual High School. 

They lost the game against Male, with a score of 15-2, Male. This was overall a rough day for the softball team, with them not scoring their first run until Male’s seventh, and not scoring their second run until Male’s fifteenth.

Junior Kim Perkins feels as if the Male game really opened their eyes. “That was our first game against a real competitive team. I think it was a big eye opener on where we’re at, and what we need to work on, but a good overall bonding experience,” Perkins said, “I think the biggest highlight is how the team rallied afterwards, even though we lost of course; it was a good learning experience.” Perkins also noticed the highlight of the rallies.

They lost the game against Anderson County, with a score of 14-2, Anderson County. This was another rough day for the softball team, with the game only lasting five innings like the Male game.

Perkins feels that the game against Anderson County was a good learning experience. “Each day, we just learned a little bit more. So again, we took another loss this week. We did not have a win in the book, but it was a win for us overall, because we learned,” Perkins said.

They lost the game against DuPont Manual, with a score of 11-1, DuPont Manual. The last game for this past week of softball ended off with another five inning game, ending the season on a not-so-positive note.

Perkins feels as if the DuPont Manual game went not the best, but she’s proud of a certain aspect. “I think our bats lagged a little bit, but our defense really came together, and I can really tell how we’re starting to come together as a team, and really work,” Perkins said, “I’d say the defense, and then that day and the day before, our JV came back and rallied.” One of the highlights from the day, in Perkins’s opinion, was the defense.

Perkins plans to improve, by more pitching and mechanics, for upcoming games. “I think we’re really gonna hit it off really hard. Do some more live pitching, and really just work back to mechanics,” Perkins said.

The next game will be a home game, against Spencer County, at 6 p.m., March 29.