Making Strides to Improve


Layla Priddy

Three players rush near the ball. This season, the team has been focusing more and more on communication. “For the rest of the season I think we need to work on our communication skills because it’s something we’ve really been struggling with during games,” junior Tessa Tibone said.

Maddie Goodwin and Caroline Williams

Coming back with determination.

After a week-long break, the girls soccer team came back playing a game against Brown High School on September 7. Despite the fact that they pushed themselves hard, they were not able to pull a victory, instead tying against the opposing team 2-2.

 “I think we could’ve played better if we had more communication between our team. I think that’s what was really holding us back that game. But besides that, I think the energy was there and we did really well and we fought hard not to lose,” junior Tessa Tibone said. Three days later, they played Ballard and had a significant loss, with the final score coming out 6-1. 

The game against North Hardin on September 10 ended up in a tie, 1-1. The only goal was scored by Beth Wheeler with an assist by Lily Reid. “We should have won that game, we just had some minor setbacks that led us to tie the game instead of scoring again,” sophomore Audrey Clarkson said. Clarkson believes that building each other’s confidence in themselves as well as everyone having confidence in the team will lead them to pull more victories.  

For the last game of the week, the girls fought for the victory but ended up losing 1-0 to Whitefield Academy. “We really need to work on our communication, that is what is holding us back a huge amount,” Clarkson said. Clarkson believes that when they fix their communication problem their team will grow tremendously. 

“We’ll get so caught up in the game and forget to signal for passes, or even the less important things like positive feedback on the field. We also need to work on endurance. We have our little track star players like Savannah Mooney and Alex Egan that can keep their pace for an entire game, but that’s not the case for most of us on the team,” Tibone said. The team is working towards improving their communication and playing to everyone’s strengths so they can end their season on a high note. 

Even though the Lady Chargers have faced some challenges this week, they are more determined than ever to make it into regionals. “This group of girls is very talented and have so much potential. I know we’re going to get it together and make it to regionals,” Clarkson said.

The Lady Chargers’ next home game is September 15 at 7:30 p.m.