Starting the Season Off Strong

Maddie Goodwin, Junior Video Editor

The Lady Chargers are charging into the new season.

The girls soccer team is off to a great start in the 2022 season going 5-3.

There are a lot of different key players on the team this year that should lead them to a successful season. The returning players are looking forward to playing one of their biggest rival Mercy Academy. As a team, they feel confident and are hoping to make it to state.

Having speed and communication is a key element in soccer. “Anna Tinelli and I are sprinters and I think that’s a really key element in our attack,” senior Holly Higgs said.  All of the players on the team make the game flow and lead them to victory, but there are some key players that make the game more manageable. “Personally, I think that Holly Higgs is one of the key players, she’s just a really big captain and can play any position,” freshman Anna Tinelli said. With this strong group of players, the team hopes to have one of the best seasons yet.

Something the team has in common is their passion to beat Mercy, “We also have to worry about Mercy during regions, and if we don’t get them in regions, then we won’t go to state,” senior Klaire Hourigan said. Last year the Chargers lost to Mercy in the region game 2-1. The majority of the team, having already played for multiple years, knows how big of a deal it is for them to beat Mercy to go to the Championship.

The Chargers have seen improvement in their team this year and have seen their scoring improve tremendously from past years. “This season we’ve really amplified our scoring, and I’m up top now, and I think that the speed up top with everybody else is just insane this year,” Higgs said. Everyone on the team is striving to make it to state this year and come home with the championship. “My personal goals are to get my team to state like I had experienced my freshman year. I want them to experience the same things,” Hourigan said. With this goal in mind they have been trying to practice more and put more effort than ever before.

Communication within the team is another important element in soccer, and it’s something the team is constantly trying to improve. “We struggle to communicate and just getting along with each other is a good part of that. I feel like we’ve worked on it a lot, but it could get better,” senior Raegan Demuesy said. As the year goes on, they hope that their communication will continue to grow and get stronger, and create a better team.

With a big lead already this season the Lady Chargers are ready to take home the state title this season and prove themselves to other schools. Their next home game is Sept. 7 at 5:30 p.m.