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Death for convenience.
People are outraged by videos showing live animals in PetSmart dumpsters.
People are outraged by videos showing live animals in PetSmart dumpsters.
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When you step into any PetSmart, you are greeted by the friendly faces of animals with deserving futures. The smell of sweet treats permeates the air, but beneath the sweetness lies a dark secret: PetSmart’s negligence towards their animals.

Videos online have been circulating showing live animals in the trash outside of PetSmart. PetSmart has made an effort to address its recent controversy. “This was an isolated incident, made in error, which we sincerely regret. We use this incident to reinforce our industry-leading pet care standards with our team to ensure we remain the trusted partner to pet parents and pets.” PetSmart told Fox 7.

Many people do not go to PetSmart because of their abusive conduct and high prices. “I can go to Feeders Supply and buy what I need for so much less,” Bullitt East sophomore Elissa Short said. A considerable number of people have easily replaced PetSmart with various pet stores. Some of these pet stores include Sandy’s Pet Store, local animal shelters, online, and Feeders Supply.

People avoid PetSmart due to allegations of animal abuse. “They actively go against all research that supports the minimum space and resources an animal needs,” Short said. People have witnessed ill animals living in close proximity to deceased animals. These unethical practices have animal lovers skeptical about PetSmart’s apology.

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Although numerous people avoid PetSmart, some continuously go to PetSmart despite their allegations. “My family and I go to PetSmart because it’s close and usually has what we need for our pets,” sophomore Macy Conely said. Availability can outweigh this factor when choosing a store. PetSmart may be controversial, but, as long as they provide satisfactory products, they will continue to have customers.

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