The Ace in Bowling

Brodie Curtsinger


Brodie Curtsinger

Scholtz astonished to see his card on junior Brodie Curtsinger’s shirt. Jan. 14, Scholtz was amazed as he watched his card go everywhere it could possibly appear. “I thought it was awesome, and unbelievable,” Scholtz said, “I did not see you get my card, into your mouth, and I have no idea how the card appeared in the bowling ball.”

Brodie Curtsinger, Sports Editor

The card appears everywhere.

Sophomore David Scholtz was amazed as he watched a card go from the deck to three different places.

Scholtz loved watching the trick and was quite fooled. He believes that the magic trick was amazingly performed. If Scholtz were to need to hire someone for entertainment, he would hire me as a magician. 

Scholtz was clueless about how the trick was done. “I was fooled, because whenever I was talking to him, I did not realize he had a card in his mouth, during that time, and his shirt had my card on it,” Scholtz said. During the trick, Scholtz was surprised when he figured out that the card he thought was going to be back in the deck was in three separate places. To find out where, watch the video above. 

When it comes to the performance of the trick, and the way that the trick was carried out, he thought it was awesome, and he would do it himself, if he could. “I would say no, because that was not my magic trick, but if I had permission, from you (the creator of the magic trick), I would definitely do the magic trick, in front of others, because it was very awesome at the start, and everyone would be amazed,” Scholtz said, “Ten, because I did not see you get my card, into your mouth, and I have no idea how the card appeared in the bowling ball.” On a scale from zero to 10, Scholtz believes it was a 10.

Scholtz would hire me as a form of entertainment for an event, and he really believes that others should too. “Yes (I would hire you for entertainment), because when I have kids, they would love to see some unbelievable magic,” Scholtz said, “Yes (other people should hire you for an event), because only locals have seen your magic before, and the whole entire world needs to see it.”

Now, if you’re interested in seeing a magic trick from me, and getting to be on, “Brodie’s Monthly Magic,” or you have a friend that you think would be interested in that, then you can email me at [email protected].