Basketball Season Review

Nick Jackson, Staff Writer

The Chargers are galloping through the basketball season.

So far, the Charger basketball team has had an eventful year.

In regular season games the Chargers are a respectable 8-7. The team has been to many tournaments including the Owensboro Invitational. They also traveled to Florida to compete in the Marlins Christmas Classic.

The regular season has been an average one for the Chargers. At 8-7 they have struggled at times, like against Trinity (85-51) . But they have also shown flashes of brilliance like against Whitfield (78-58). “We have struggled at times but I can see us improving and am excited to get on with the season,” said junior Michael Page, when asked about the season so far. The Charger’s season is going on a turn for the better. After playing the higher ranked teams in the district such as Trinity, Doss, Waggener, and Butler; they will have an easier schedule do finish the year.

In one of the larger tournaments in the area, the Owensboro Invitational, the Chargers strived. After a long bus ride some would expect the team to be sluggish and tired, but it was the opposite that happened. The team spent three days at the tournament and looked better each day. Junior Rece Watson was excited about the teams performance at the tournament, “I thought everyone played well and it was really fun being out there with my teammates. Playing well in tournaments like these gets me excited to play in the LIT,” said Watson. The Chargers finished second in the Owensboro Invitational tournament.

During the second week of Christmas break, the Chargers took a trip to Florida to participate in the Marlins Christmas Classic. The trip included a lot of basketball as well as a lot of team bonding opportunities, “It was one of the most fun I’ve ever had on a trip, it was really fun being able to spend all day with the guys. Playing good basketball made the trip a lot more fun too,” said junior Thomas Wiseheart. The Chargers performed well in this tournament finishing third place in the tournament.