California Wildfire Crisis

Morgan Harbolt, Creative Editor

This wildfire season in California has been the worst recorded yet.

There have been 8,343 fires burning over an area of 1,890,438 acres on the west coast.

Many people have been affected by these wildfires, including celebrities. Community members have evacuated their homes. Firefighters are losing their lives during the outrages.

California is known for their wildfires and the devastation they cause. When the weather conditions are very hot and dry, something as small as a trains car striking the track can ignite a fire. California summers are very dry and hot and winters are wet. However, this year California has had very little to no rain. The most common time for wildfires is at the end of the long, hot and dry summers.

So far, 97 civilians have died due to these fires. The fear of never knowing where the next wildfire would spark carried on. The fires have hit the outskirts of L.A., the foothills of Sierra Nevada, and north of Sacramento. The fires have been going on since September and are just now being contained.

Senior Dylan Brigmon has a brother who lives in California. Brigmon said, “My brother’s house wasn’t hit by the fires directly but there was ashes on the ground all around his house from the fires. It was a pretty surreal thing to hear.” Families fear for their loved ones because of these vicious wildfires.

Celebrities houses have been burnt to ashes too. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s house in Malibu is now gone. Along with Neil Young, Robin Thicke and Gerard Butler. No matter who you are, there is no way to escape the devastation of the fires.

Dealing with these wildfires, you have to be very cautious. Sophomore Tristan Schneider just moved from Long Beach, California. He has personal experience with wildfires and his aunt, who still lives in California, is dealing with the fires right now. Schneider said, “It’s a lot of smoke and you’re not really supposed to inhale a lot of it, so we just had to stay inside.”

Firefighters have given their lives trying to contain these fires. Cleaning up after a wildfire is a major part of it though. Firefighters have lost their lives solely from the smoke in the air after a fire.