Remembering Kennedy Hall

Ella Olds, Magazine Editor

Kennedy Hall was a graduate of Bullitt East in 2019. Hall was a respected member of the community and equally respected by his family and friends. He was a good student but still managed to have his teenage years filled with memories all the while managing his responsibilities, such as a job at UPS. Hall passed away in a house fire that took place in December of 2019. Because of the event, his father, stepmother and younger brother lost everything.

The community came together as a whole to remember Hall in more ways than one. The ‘Bep Squad’ some members including, Luke Shannon, Dylan Brigman, Ty Birge and Jayden Carter took his younger brother out and bought him a new flat screen TV and gave the parents some cash to make up for the loss of Christmas presents and house utilities. They also gave Hall’s dad a canvas picture of the Bep Squad in remembrance of his son and his best friends.

Barbara Shannon, Luke Shannon’s mother, organized a fundraiser that took place on Facebook for two weeks and more to raise money for the family. 20 thousand dollars donated to the Hall’s for shelter, clothes, food, medical bills and other burdensome expenses they need to cover. After the fundraiser on the social media platform ended she opened one at Peoples Bank in Mount Washington where community members could still donate to the family. Since then, all the money raised has been transferred to the account of the parents.

A candlelight vigil got put together in remembrance of Hall on his birthday, Dec. 22, when he would have turned 19. Anybody who was friends with Hall, went to school with him, or just wanted to remember him and be there in support of his family was welcome to join the ceremony and celebrate his birthday. Sophomore, Trinity Smith, sung at the vigil and was inspired by the number of people that came in remembrance and support of Hall. She sang the songs Amazing Grace and Silent Night.

If anyone is interested in donating, people can still donate any amount today at Peoples Bank in Mount Washington where the money raised will go straight to his family.