The Chargers Basketball Team is Coming in Hot


Katie Huffman

Senior Zak Perdew drives the ball to the basket during the Kentucky Country Day game. The Chargers won this game 81-52. Maki said, “It feels pretty good to win a few in a row. We we’re expecting to do something like this early in the season, but it took a little bit more time than expected. We’re here now and ready to make another run just like last year.”

Morgan Harbolt, Executive Editor

The Chargers are winning their way into senior night.

After a rough beginning to the season, the team is on a winning streak.

The Chargers have won six games in a row. The team is feeling good going into this week. The boys are preparing to defeat the eagles for senior night.

Tuesday, Jan. 28 the boys took on Moore High School. The team came out on top 80-65. Senior Hunter Brogan led the game with 25 points. Friday, Jan. 31 the boys played at Fairdale High School and won the game 59-53. Saturday night the Chargers played on the home court against Kentucky Country Day High School and defeated them 81-52.

Brogan said, “It feels good because we haven’t been winning much this year so it just feels nice to come out on top a few times.”

Senior Landon Maki said, “We’re a completely different team now than we were from the beginning of the season. A lot has changed, like how we go about practices or how we treat each other. We have each other’s back and are willing to do anything to win. I feel like we have really bought into what coach is saying.” The Chargers took a little longer to get the flow of things, but now they have it down.

The team will take on 24th district matchup, J-Town, Tuesday, Feb. 4 on the home court at 7:30 p.m. The boys senior night will be Friday, Feb. 7 against county rivals, the North Bullitt Eagles at 7:30 p.m.