Cold Hands & Warm Hearts


Dane Bunel , Staff Writer

When you lend a helping hand, you’d be surprised what kind of help is needed right around the corner.

With the percentages of abandoned homes and abandoned souls rising daily, it’s helpful to remember what we can do to fill our roles in society and help out with the needy.

More than half a million people in the United States experience homelessness on any given day. Thousands of cities and states are ravaged by hands in need everyday, some honest and some not so honest. In our nearby city of Louisville and Kentucky as a whole, is just one of many. Since March of 2019, 6,986 adults and 266 children have been reported missing or living without a home, not to mention homeless shelters aren’t accommodating to the needs of the people. Popular homeless spots like Breckenridge and Brooks Street had to be evacuated due to uncity like conditions. Some even say it causes health hazard, but does the real health hazard come from the lack of assistance?

Foundations like The Coalition for the Homeless and Hip Hop Cares scatter the streets of Louisville daily, spreading the word on their cause. Especially when the days get colder. Preliminary numbers show 139 people were counted sleeping outside compared with 118 in 2019, when temperatures were dangerously low. These alliances, along with the dozen others in Kentucky, think it’s important that the community recognizes the homeless situation we have here in Louisville. 

The numbers listed above have already verified what we already know. As a city, we need to act on emergency and take charge. No one should have to sleep outdoors. If you want to know how to help, contact associations such as Wayside Christian Mission & Louisville Ministries to join in on city clean ups and sheltering donations online. Remember, when the weather is hot, keep a cool mind. When the weather is cold, keep a warm heart.